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Business uses writing: Mobile arrangement
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Activity Arrangement
Mobile arrangement
Activity Arrangement
Activity Arrangement Dear Mr. / Ms,
We Are Very Pleased To Welcome President William Taylor And Manager James Rogers To Beijing And Shanghai In Thesecond Half Of April For About A Week. As Requested,
We Propose The Following Itinerary For Your Consideration.
Monday, april 18
4.00 P.m. Arrive In Beijing By Flt.xx, to Be Met At The Airport By Mr. President
Of Asia Trading Co.
4.15 Leave For Great Wall Hotel
7.30 Dinner Given By President X
Tuesday, april 19
9:30 A.m. Discussion At Asia Trading Co. Building
2:00 P.m. Group Discussion
8:00 P.m. Cocktail Reception Given By The British Commercial Counselor In Beijing
Wednesday, april 20
9:00 A.m. Discussion
12:00 Noon Sign The Letter Of Intent
1:30 P.m. Peking Duck Dinner
3:30 P.m. Visit The Summer Palace
6:00 Departure For Shanghai
Would You Please Confirm By Fax So That We Can Make Arrangements Accordingly.
Yours Faithfully

Business uses writing: Mobile arrangement
The gentleman that mobile arrangement respects / young lady,
We are very glad that Williams · peaceful straps president and Zhenmusi · Roger this the manager can issue half moon to go to Beijing in April, shanghai visits a week, according to asking we give following activity arrangement offers reference:
On Monday, on April 18
Afternoon 4: 00 arrive at Beijing by airliner XX, receive to the airport by president Mr X of Asian trading company
4: 15 go by the car Great Wall guesthouse
7: 30 presidents Mr X holds Wan Yan
In the morning 9:30 A.m. Discuss in Asian trading company
2:00 P.m. Panel discussion
8:00 P.m. England stays in Beijing business affairs consul holds cocktail party
In the morning 9: 00 discuss
Midday 12: 00 sign intent book
Afternoon 1: 30 eat Beijing roast duck
3: 30 visiting the Imperial Palace
6: 00 seize the opportunity to go to Shanghai
Ask a fax to affirm, so that we make corresponding arrangement.
You are cordial

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