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Financial everyday expressions is translated
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We already left those who go out to be beneficiary beneficiary with you is confirmed L/C.
We Have Opened A Confirmed Credit In Your Favour.

It is beneficiary beneficiary with you, we leave piece irrevocable confirmed L/C.
We Have Opened A Confirmed And Irrevocable Credit In Your Favour.

We already were left to go out to be the L/C of beneficiary beneficiary with you by the request, inform hereby.
We Are Pleased To Inform You That We Have Been Requested To Open A Credit In Your Favour.

We already opened a business standing card, inform hereby.
We Intimate To You That We Have Issued A Commercial Letter Of Credit.

When obtaining add to show like check, need not issue refuse letter.
Not To Be Protested In Case Of Dishonour/protest Waived/no Protest.

The condition of time deposit is annual interest 6% , put period 6 months above, want amount only 1, 000 yuan, we all are accepted gladly.
We Shall Be Pleased To Receive A Fixed Deposit For Any Amount More Than $1, 000, for A Period Over Six Months At The Rate Of 6% P.a.

Send with case sincerely open time deposit newly the 500th bankbook, denomination 100, 000 yuan find please for carry on one's shoulder. This denomination is equal to you to send change new old put gold of = lose money in business to add interest the sum.
Enclosed Please Find A New Deposit Certificate No. 500 For $100, 000, which Represents The Principal And Interest Of The Old Certificate You Sent Us For Renewal.

If deposit is 100 yuan of above, we will be accepted gladly.
We Shall Be Glad To Receive Deposits Of 100 Yen And Upward.

So far, my company an account receivable still has 20 thousand dollars. At present is acted according to on settle accounts transaction, find please for carry on one's shoulder.
Enclosed We Hand You A Statement Of Account To Date, showing A Balance Of $20, 000 In Our Favour, which We Trust Will Be Found In Order.

Account opens on, checking now, be like inerrancy, comply with your directive, will turn into new-blown account inside.
This Account Is Under Examination, and If Found Correct, it Shall Be Carried To A New Account, in Conformity With Your Instructions.

You case yesterday respect all. You request at present comply with, with transaction of case attach settle accounts, find kindly please for carry on one's shoulder.
Your Favour Of Yesterday Was Duly Received, and We Hand You Herewith A Statement Of Your Account As Requested, which We Hope You Will Find Correct.

At present is acted according to on marvellous iron total prices is 512, 000 yuan of Qing Dynasty are onefold portion, adjure include me company credit credit for carry on one's shoulder.
We Hand You Our Account On The Bar Iron, amounting To $512, 000, which Kindly Pass To Our Credit.
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