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Thorough Japan kimono (the concerned data of kimono < Sino-Japanese article > )
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" kimono " , it is the traditional nation dress of Japanese, also be Japanese is worth most to the world's pretentious culture asset. Of kimono wear write artful skill, be along with the custom setting that writes an age, consider test, accumulate Yo and unripe. Decorous and beautiful design, come from the be sentimentally attached to that reachs pair of Wu Feng ground to the appreciation at landscape at Japanese nation, and even at to the person of this spirit and circumstances exquisite experience.
Kimono not only shirt-sleeve the essence of the collect inside elegant bearing and depth, more reacted wear of written person " heart " with " move " . Each beautiful kimono, make via energy mental plan, exquisite wear each detail when writing and measure. Accordingly, it is sitting position or station appearance no matter, need the study training with complete by, and become inside and outside to be in hold <> concurrently those who provide is perfect and formal. Kimono has another name to cry again " admire the beauty of flowers act " , because of the design of kimono and colour, reflected the specific image of nature, wear when people when writing kimono to ambulate, can make because of rock kimono is like the canvas that is the same as a trends

The making means of kimono, need the width that decides cloth place needs first, again the unit with one standardization, decide the length of departmental portion, the kimono width of the male and female is different. Make good material cut into parts make allocation after, become with be being cut into parts point-blank piece straight cloth, another piece try one piece to combine, there won't be the material of much Yu in the process that make.
The kimono of child child, it is to be when measure cloth, beforehand obligate seams a portion partially, so that follow,write growing process, timely lengthen relaxes, and amend appropriate measure. Kimono adopts this kind to design with the means that make, its spirit also accords with Japanese nation " not wasteful, acting acting according to legend, much person can be worn " traditional custom.
Past somebody thinks, tangle between the waist wide wide, a thick ribbon, it is right the body undertakes manacling, it is unscientific, epinosic, but, in recent years research makes clear as a result, the chatelaine of kimono oppresses on average not only the body, make the blood pressure of human body drops, can hold gastric upgrade in the palm, it is a kind of science and healthful square practice more.

One, the tradition of kimono

Kimono is the dress with Chinese Tang Dynasty is a foundation, also have the dress of its long phylogeny.
A.d. 8 centuries, the dress of Chinese Tang Dynasty passes into Japan, bring very big impact to Japanese kimono. Now the kimono that day Japanese wears, finalize the design basically before 600 years about.
Times kimono
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