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The interpreter of person name
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The interpreter of person name, it is the basic kongfu that is engaged in translating working personage, but unluckily a lot of interpreter think this thing is easy to do, see an ocean name, also be English, German or French surname without giving thought to, optional and careless medley a few Chinese characters, even if finish sth. This kind of imprudent manner is big fear of the interpreter really.
The interpreter of person name is a very complex issue actually, a lot of interpreter schoolbook, used a large number of space, its detailed ground discusses not tire of a variety of principles of translated term. These principles, have certain direct effect of course. When but arrive,be being translated actually, may not can apply on.
Current Chinese interpret altar, as a result of a variety of reasons, the interpreter of person name, often be muddleheaded, the name of an any news characters, want to have 3 kinds of different interpret ways at least. Generally speaking, taiwan area apt comes with Chinese surname interpret foreign name; The mainland avoids as far as possible with Chinese surname, it is a foreigner in order to show original name indicates; Hong Kong this locality does not have certain principle it seems that, like to take a trueborn to governmental official commonly Chinese name, the translated term of other news character often uses transliteration, but it is with sound of another name for Guangdong Province mostly accurate.
The person name that appears as a result of each, have 3 kinds of different interpret ways at least, often cause so needless promiscuous. Cross-strait person understands very hard why Winston meeting interpret pauses into “ Yun Si meeting interpret of ” , Smith becomes “ history not husband ” , if they can read translated term or name with language of another name for Guangdong Province, meet suddenly be enlightened.
Hong Kong this locality comes with dialect translated term, plus principle of two translated term, though is translated together with mandarin, the result of its earning also disparate, the problem with this uniform translated term, be afraid temporarily in still do not do.
Cite a case, take the British star with earthy famed state with personate, collect broken bits of harbor interpret “ rub inferior ” , roger of stage interpret “ rub Er ” , same individual, be in Hong Kong is “ person broken bits, in Taiwan it is ” of “ an outstanding personality, how interesting contrast! This one “ translates match ” , looking is Taiwan one-up.
Translated term wants phonic justice give attention to two or morethings, sincere blame easy thing.

Cannot treat as the same
Speak of the interpreter of person name, actually cannot treat as the same. Nai of no less than amounts to doctoral place to say, when the interpreter, who is must thinking interpret becomes the following target first in the heart, what is action. The interpreter of person name, notch at least of private surname of news interpreter, literature interpreter and common folk turn over choose 3 kinds big will handle.
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