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Literary interpreter
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“ literature interpreter is not ‘ the problem to incorrect ’ , however the problem ”—— name of good, bad, better ’ translates ‘ domestic Gao Keyi says so.

The interpreter of average person is one-way undertake, or in the interpret outside arrogate to oneself, or outside the interpret in arrogate to oneself, can both hold concurrently, deal with with ease, fact is not much see, mr Gao Keyi is god-given therein ace. Of his interpreter " magnate close-up " , " angel, visit home " wait for master, win universal praise.

Literary interpreter is different from general interpreter, because administrative levels is high,be, the demand is high also. Came out textual meaning expression, but literary grace all is broken, this is equal to a chicken broth botch to become clear water, the reader looks tasteless, interest dull, major person does not love no wonder read interpreter novel.

Liu Shaoming says: “ article says clever energy of life, the interpreter is same also. Clever gas comes from an individual intelligent root and endowment, and the tradition is to belong to fair some, if the tradition does not have lively thought often metabolic, with the passing of time needs become rigid becomes eight -part essay. Creation, forbidden eight -part essay, the interpreter is same also. ”

It is this spirit gas, drive walked along literature to translate medium artisan gas. Superior literature translates work, itself is a kind of creation. Can computer translate literary work? Cannot enough! Computer cannot replace the clever show of popular feeling and acumen forever.

“ interpreter wants not only can ‘ believes ’ can ‘ amounts to ’ , still need ‘ to believe ’ apt, ‘ amounts to ’ appropriate, call Yi Ke of ‘ elegant ’ . Be engaged in literary translator most propbably realizing this goal. ” has translated Spanish famous book " heart of Tang Ji scold " the end that Yang Jiang ordered literature to translate for our li.

Interpret work is hard, going too far as bad as not going far enough, interpreter whether apt, appropriate, it is the translator that is engaged in literary interpreter really must hammer and tongs target.

(article origin: " bridge bank interpret talks " , china publishs a company to evaginate interpret)

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