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Culture and interpreter
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The first overview

Long-term since, people has undertaken various discussion to culture; In last few years, be in abroad not only and appeared in domestic ministry new culture is hot. The mankind is true to the care of culture problem “ of it may be said is ancient already had, be intense ” nowadays. However interesting is, to “ after all what calls culture ” this one problem, still be numerous up to now Yun saying confused, the view that neither one agrees completely and definition. Say commonly, have broad sense culture and narrow sense culture two kinds of views.
The person that broad sense talks thinks: Culture is the big range of an all-embracing, old idea, have those who belong to corporeal domain already, also have those who belong to ideological domain. Accordingly broad sense is defined, eugene of egghead of American famous interpreter? Nai amounts to divide language culture character kind:
1, ecology ecology,
2. Culture of Material Culture material,
3. Culture of Social Culture society,
4. Culture of Religious Culture religion,
5. Culture of Linguistic Culture language.
These 5 kinds include apparently material and ideological two domains, i.e. material civilization and spiritual civilization two big fields.
But the person that narrow sense is talked thinks culture points to spiritual civilization only however, this is great majority of China and foreign countries the person's more unanimous view, “ of people of complete China of Chinese Communist appeal should build what the ” of “ spiritual civilization in corporeal civilization and spiritual civilization ” points to hard is the culture that people often talks, namely the culture of narrow sense, the relatively unified view on this and international is consistent. Try those who see the United States published 1974 the definition that The New World Encyclopedia gives one word of “Culture” to fall: “It Is The Totality Of The Spiritual, intellectual, and Artistic Attitudes Shared By A Group, including Its Tradition, habits, social Customs, morals, laws, and Social Relations, sociologically, every Society, on Every Level, has Its Culture; The Term Has No Implications Of High Development. This one definition discharges ” to develop horizontal discretion besides corporeal civilization apparently, point to the summation of human spiritual civilization or mental achievement however, the idea that includes ethics of custom of artistic, traditional, habit, society, morality, method and human relations in society.
Be narrated according to going up, no matter be the culture ministry of the culture of broad sense or narrow sense,include a lot of fields. Alleged interpreter, no more than is the culture message that conveys another language through a kind of language, because this can say any translators,cannot leave culture. All through the ages has the translator of experience or interpreter investigator notes the concern of culture and interpreter quite. Wang Zunliang says: “…… translator must be the cultural worker of a real significance. People says completely: He must master two kinds of languages, really such; But, do not understand the social culture among the language, everybody cannot master a language truly. ” (" the culture in the interpreter is compared " , 1984. 1. " interpreter communication " ) . Tan Zaixi says: The to textual meaning understanding in “ interpreter, not be simple language understanding question far. The language is the component of culture, the effect that it is sufferring culture and restrict. …… is in interpreter process, what translator understands to some paragraph of character is correct, depend on greatly his understanding to concerning culture. …… to translator, without the comparative knowledge of two kinds of culture, mention the proper understanding of antonym character character and expression with respect to have no way. ” should make translating carry out or read interpreter book only, can discover these words are absolutely true. This is said the truth of "Learning A Language Is A Kind Of Learning The Culture And Habit Of The Country Where The Language Is Spoken" is in in English namely.
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