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Creation and interpreter
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Yang Jiang once had expressed to write a novel to be able to maintain eye, interpreter however most cost eyesight, this word takes seriously truly.

A lot of friends that had pursued creation and interpreter job, have the same feeling. Want to write a novel, want one paper brushstroke to be in only personally, can sit down at any time and place creation. Be just like spring silkworm spin, all feeling, mood, send from the heart, for years is pondering, in brew, once inspiration comes, from but begin to write or paint is like Qing Quan, gurgle gurgle, continuous.

The interpreter is to replace other to pass relate an idea, must modest listen teachs, ability does not have by accident expression sock, correctly to come out. Do an interpreter to need reference all sorts of dictionaries, data, oneself act blindly, won't do absolutely.

When creation, most those who be afraid of is inspiration dries up. In case get when begin to write or paint of outside ambient disturb, be like fossorial noise, be like adjacent ululation, can't bear character more painstakingly.

The interpreter is OK one word comes one sentence slowly, if perseverance is sufficient, patiently enough, sooner or later can of the perseverance will prevail.

Creation and interpreter, optimal is OK undertake interactively, on our country the literary world, a lot of famous a person of academic or artistic distinction hold interpreter job concurrently personally. Ba Jinyi passes heart, flower, Russian literary famous work, include husband of Tu Ge Nie " father and child " , yang Shipeng ever adapted this novel into “ of the living theatre 100 without no-no ” , perform in center of Hong Kong culture.

The beautiful jade interpret that impetuous crosses Shakespeare to reach French famous book dramatically, interpret glacial a heart crosses novel of peaceful dagger Er and anthology, feng Zikai follows Lin Wenyue interpret passes Japanese classic famous work " language of content of source family name " , guo Mei is like interpret song heart, Tuoersitai, the old Xiao Baina that abandon interpret, hutch of Lu Xun interpret plain Bai Cun, zun La of cogongrass aegis interpret, too numerous to mention one by one.
(article origin: " bridge bank interpret talks " , china publishs a company to evaginate interpret)

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