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How does interpreter patent translate medium invention name
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(one) the in inventing a name punctuation in patent interpreter

The invention name middling of English contains punctuation, often have comma especially. In the invention name of Chinese whether also have punctuation? " examine a guideline " in did not point out clearly, it is OK that we are searched on the net discovery, in formaller article title, those who have punctuation is not much, if have, basically be title name, quote, colon, dash, of useful a slight-pause mark used to set off items in a series or comma, but very little.

Translator is when patent interpreter, if textual invention has punctuation in the name, interpret becomes Chinese is did not find again other better expressive way, might as well the punctuation with the in inventing a name textual reservation in Chinese.

(2) the in inventing name name parenthesis in patent interpreter

Parenthesis is used in the invention name of English patent literature and many seeing. “ breaks the structure of a sentence, insert a word to go in, there also was this kind of sentence structure once upon a time, but not quite commonly used. Latter this kind of syntax rises more, it is the effect that got foreign language way. Our common in inventing a name parenthesis has ” “in Particular”, “specially For” , “for Example”Or “such As” , basically be “ for example ” and “ especially ” these two kinds, express citing and compensatory specification.

Generally speaking, parenthesis can be located in sentence head, sentence medium, sentence end. If put parenthesis in sentence head, sentence medium, sentence end, use comma to part he and main clause normally; If parenthesis is located in sentence in, besides usable comma, usable still dash or bracket part it and main clause. For example, clutch, in Particular For Motor Vehicle, with Pneumatic Control” , but interpret is “ special apply to a car contain ” of pneumatic pilot clutch or “ to contain pneumatic pilot (special those who apply to a car) the form such as clutch ” . No matter parenthesis with why be being planted formal interpret goes out, ought to make sure translation is accurate, without different meanings.

(3) the in inventing a name “a/an in patent interpreter”

The “a/an” in the name whether must does with “ the means interpret such as a kind of ” give a ” or “ ? In the patent document interpreter of chemical domain, at present general apt does not give “a/an” interpret. The invention of the patent application that waits for a domain in machinery and electricity likewise has plural form already in the name, be like “Gas Turbine Engine” , also have odd number form, be like “A Device For Purifying The Exhaust Gas Of An Internal Combustion Engine ” . On one hand for the requirement from “ compendious ” , need not go out “a/an” interpret “ the specific written language such as a kind of ” , look on the other hand from actual protective content, even if the invention that writes “a/an” , if the right asked to many technologies solution includes in the book, interpret gives “ a kind of ” also may not is accurate.
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