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Advanced interpreter should have French what kind of quality
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French is advanced the interpreter is very the concept of extensive, have a lot of distinct categories such as interpreter of external affairs, literature, science and technology, travel, have the branch of oral interpretation, written translation additionally. Show a basis we are previous from Chinese interpret assist national throughout the country " interpreter achievement is exhibited " on an obtained data and the photograph that publish publicly are brief the quality that introduces French of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate worker to should be had (of other domain. |

Below the direct care that centrally leads, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs built an interpreter that has 10 several languages to fight ministry army, basically be engaged in the written translation of important diplomacy file, writ, leader is main the simultaneous interpretation of the oral interpretation of external affairs activity and important international conference works, its the interpreter task that two big diction plant Sino-British, law is assumed by interpreter room more.

Come for years, the interpreter worker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs devotes into diplomatic career with mission feeling of height all the time, the forefront that the battle works in party and national external affairs, made precious contribution for career of new China diplomacy. Annual hundreds leader visit calls in, tens of removing important international conference, annual the premier mixes “ during two meetings ” minister of foreign affairs answers the oral interpretation that the reporter asks, and " Sino-US Shanghai bulletin " , " Sino-British state about the combination of Hong Kong problem " , " establish diplomatic relations Sino-Frenchly combine bulletin " , " the combination that establishs comprehensive associate Sino-Frenchly to concern states " , peak of Beijing of forum of Central Africa collaboration is met " enunciative " , China and European Union concern, and the written translation of a large number of important files such as leader visit lecture, finish by worker of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this, they take political theory seriously to learn particularly, dog closely the development of international situation, study interpreter professional work assiduously, created efficient and rigorous work style of work. Their excellent performance gets for many times of the leader central praise, also won the respect of domestic and international person of the same trade.

International scenic is changeable take exercise and test this interpreter team, gift a kind of its special professional charm. In recent years, diplomatic interpreter gets increasingly wide attention of the public, more and more college graduate translated the job to generate strong interest to be full of the external affairs that challenges a gender, choose to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate the cavalcade of worker in succession, accept groom strictly and practice takes exercise, raise interpreter level ceaselessly, ensure career of external affairs interpreter is healthy.
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