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Sino-US joint effort to build the only translation of famous high-end transla
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This summer, the Bureau of Education and Training Center of China Foreign Monterey Institute of International Studies and the College of Translation, jointly organized by the English translation of the Seventh China-US high-level training 将在京举办. This training course since 2003, Have been held for six years, training institutions from across the country, ministries, Foreign Affairs, enterprises and other senior translators, more than two hundred people, is the only English translation of high-end training programs. English translation of this Sino-US high-level training courses for teachers will continue to be a strong team debut, including the Monterey Institute of International Studies, College of Translation, former president of the Bao Chuan Yun, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Translators Frans De Leat, the International Council Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) Asia Pacific director Shi Xiaojing, the famous home Ye Zinan translation, translation industry legend in Taiwan over China and many other translations week masters. Small classes, registration is now open. See www.wwjtraining.com . Tel 010-68488047/48.
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