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Benoit Bart building a better understanding of China automatic translation sys
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It is understood, have been established in Europe and the United States called "European Patent highway system" model, Europe and Japan also established highway system in this patent. Europe and China did not intend to establish this Kinds of patent application mode, in which the translation of how to solve the problem? To participate in this exclusive interview with People's Daily of Shanghai World Expo theme day activities of the European Patent Office, European Patent Office Benoit Butte. In the interview, Benoit Bart first to reporters about the establishment of a "patent application highway" purposes, "which is mainly in order to achieve multilateral cooperation between the patent application, so we have a between countries The framework of the United Nations in Geneva, is the "Patent Cooperation Treaty", that PCT. Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and we hope more countries can be targeted from all sides of these patents are able to use simplified procedures to The application and approval. " Although the translation involved is important, but during the patent examination and approval and applications, Benoît Barth emphasized the protection of patent owners, "such protection is generally time-limited to a maximum of 20 years. In order to implement the protection of the patent owner, the patent must be a public notice, public announcement, the patent process is actually a very technical process, as must be on a very specific description of the patent in order to Enough to implement protection. But once the patent announcement, any other person to be able to quickly according to the contents of this announcement for further improvement, technology improvement. " Currently, the rising number of patent applications in China, the rise in the number of patents, patents the world to increase understanding of China. China needs to establish faster and better patent system, the translation of which is particularly important . Benoît Barth also introduced the European Patent Office is working with the SIPO for a very important cooperation project, "is all other countries in order to enable inventors to patent technology to China have a better understanding of the Design, called an automatic translation system, the purpose is hoped that through this automated translation system that allows foreign owners to better understand China's technology, one day China's patented technology allows faster transmission Up to the other does not speak Chinese, not Chinese-speaking countries. " He also expressed the need to do is do our resources, hoping to find more efficient translation of specific programs to solve difficult problems.
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