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Yang Wu translation you can: a lifetime collection of books donated to his alm
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Back to Chongqing, Sichuan International Studies University attended the 60th anniversary celebration of Professor Yang Wuneng, May 1 pm to free lifetime collection of books and materials donated to the school's library. To this end, specially set up outside Sichuan, "Yang Wu to books and documents information Archive. " Professor Yang Wuneng 56 Sichuan International Studies University alumni, but also following Guo, Feng Zhi, who after the Goethe of the most authoritative expert and translator, has translated "Faust", "Sorrows of Young Werther" , "The Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm," and so on, there is more than 30 kinds of classical translation and the publication of "Collected Works of Yang Wu Neng Yi." He served in the Sichuan International Studies University, Chinese Academy of Sichuan University and other educational research institutions. It is understood that the Yang Professor Wu Neng donations, including the collection of all the books in his life and individual winners. Books related to Goethe and German literature, German literature and cultural exchanges, literary translation and other fields, outside the Sichuan Institute Goethe Institute Made an important addition to research data.
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