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Lifetime Achievement Award for Cultural Translation in China: the famous trans
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At 9:30 on December 2 at the Chinese Foreign Bureau of Translators Association of China, "Chinese Translation of Culture Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of the General Assembly and senior translators." Translators Association of China awarded the prestigious grass baby translator, Xu, Tuan, Sidney Shapiro, Mr. Li Shijun 5 translation industry's highest national honor award "Chinese Translation of Culture Lifetime Achievement Award." Tuan, Changzhou people, 1923. 1942-1946 Year Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He joined the CPC in 1946. After the founding of the PRC in 1949, worked in the Shanghai Literature and Art Department, East China Military Committee Ministry of Culture Committee, the Chinese Dramatists Association, the People's Literature Publishing House work, served as "Drama News" managing editor of the Chinese Opera Research Association Deputy Director, People's Literature Publishing House deputy editor and editor in chief and other staff, is now made in China Association honorary members of the Committee, Vice President of Society of Chinese poetry. Organizations engaged in literary work in the long term, dramatic editing and research work, literature, edited and published his spare time, he side in poetry, and drama and literary criticism, published "Tuan Sonnets" and other poems, scattered Text, literary theory, the readme dozen books; has always insisted on the translation of foreign literary works, and achieved fruitful results and extraordinary performance. As early as 1948, he translated and published a collection of poems by American poet Walt Whitman, "drums." Also translated and published in 1950, "Sonnets of Shakespeare", later reprinted many times, the cumulative total print run of about 600,000. 1958 Translated and published in the Yugoslav writer Niuxi Qi's satirical comedy "Mrs. Minister." People's Literature Publishing House in 1982, he and the side valley of the Stevens children's poems embroidered joint translation "of a child's poetic garden." 1987 people He also published literary societies and Chu Tunan joint translation of Walt Whitman poems, "I dreamed a dream." 1988 and 1989, the Humane Society were published by him and Bian, Yuan Kejia, who translated "Lyric Poetry of Shakespeare," " Beautiful spring - the poetry of Poetry "and" I heard singing Armenia - American Poems. " Translated and published in 1997, "Anglo-American Children's Poetry fine choice." Browning translated and published in 2001 waiting for "Hammer Lin hanai piper. " 2007, published by Yilin Press translation of his important "British election history Poetry" (upper and lower volumes), the income one hundred fifty-five English poet of the five hundred eighty-three poem, book four in the last century years working on behalf of the Translation, which lasted sixty years before completion of the new century. He also translated, edited and published a variety of English control of this, such as "one hundred sonnets of Shakespeare" (1992), "Anglo-American one hundred well-known children's poem" (1994), "Reading English song" ( 2007), "Wing Health Implications - Famous English Romantic Poetry Appreciation "(2010) and so on. In addition, translated Tuan comrades Shakespeare's historical drama "King Lear" (2000), Shakespeare's long narrative poem "Lucrece Shi Zhen Ji" (2000). Zhang Yan also edited and published the "Top 100 Foreign Poems Articles "," Children's well-known British and American Poetry "(six), foreign Love Poems" is a torrent I want, "and so on. His translation of "Selected Poems of John Keats," in 1997 by the People's Literature Publishing House, 2001 won the second Lu Xun Literary Award. In 2008, human society has published his translation of "The Nightingale and the old bottles - economic Ci poetry essence. " He is actively engaged in the practice of literary translation, but also to literary translation theory for reflection and research, the author of "" Faithfulness "and" The Sound of Music "- on Literary Translation A Professor Xu Jun, Nanjing University, asked" , "Cross as many different angles - A Hong Kong on the Poetry Translation Mr. Wang Weiming asked," "" return "and" westernized "unity" and other articles, the importance of theory and literary translation Practice . 2001 was invited to the University of Nottingham in the UK made an academic report A Talk about Poetry and Poetry Translation ("Poetry and the Poetry Translation"), is also on this issue with foreign academic counterparts The depth of a meaningful cultural exchange. Mr. Tuan century sixty years of his career in literary translation, warm attachment, precise fine trial, strive for perfection, adhere to the enduring, made to order literature, publishing, reading circles and the outstanding achievement of the translation industry attention, Be called an academic sure appreciated by readers like welcome distinguished translator.
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