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Trace the cause of Chinese National Language Translation hard way
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November 26 afternoon, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in 2010 will be the 16th of Finance Committee considered the "national language of China on the establishment of translation bureau (center) set up time to consult." Piece of material was reported dusty archives of concern. The file is already 55 years ago, the "establishment of a national language translation agency in the initial program," Premier Zhou Enlai's hand on instructions, so precious. After consideration, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of time based on this file to determine the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) was established in time for December 12, 1955. Premier Zhou's handwritten instructions For decades, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) it has been renamed several times the need for work: before 1955, known as the "Ethnic Affairs Commission of the Central People's Government Translation Bureau"; 1978 known as the "central national languages of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Works Translation Bureau "(referred to as" national language translations of the Central Office "); 1990 and 1991 are referred to as the" central national language translation center "and the" national language translation center in China "; until 2003, after approval of the Central Office of the Committee agreed Chinese language translation center in the national commitment to the National Congress, NPC, CPPCC meetings of the translation work, officially use the "Chinese National Language Translation Bureau" seal. Because of this complex history, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) is not established for the identification can be done overnight. According to reports, as early as 1983, because there was no basis for the early files, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) was a matter of time to set up referrals to the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, proposes to November 9, 1978, that the use of "national language translations of the Central Board "the day is counted as established names, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission approved the agreed time. Time determined, old comrades Council has held different views on this, social experts and scholars also questioned. However, according to the relevant time could not find instructions. In 2005, the work of a turning point. Office of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the Personnel Division of great concern and help, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) in the State Ethnic Affairs Commission saved some of the dusty archives to find some very valuable information on preparation. When these valuable information is found from the large metal boxes, the presence of the staff found a heritage like as excited. Data clearly demonstrated, December 12, 1955, Premier Zhou Enlai approved the Ethnic Affairs Commission of the PRC on the "establishment of a national language translation agency in the initial program," the instructions. After the People's Republic of Ethnic Affairs Commission and Translation Bureau of the preparatory work began. This file drafted in September 24, 1955, the Central People's Government, Ethnic Affairs Commission memo written by the title "National Language translation agency established the initial program," and in the same year on December 1 to Zhang Su (when Ren Quanguo Standing Committee Deputy Secretary-General), Wang Feng (when he was deputy director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission), Liu Yung, such as (when the Government Offices Administration of the State Council Secretary) 3 form a joint letter to Deputy Prime Minister and timekeeping of the State Council Secretary General Xi comrades application "on the establishment of a national language translation agency problem." Xi comrades on December 6 on the instructions in the file: "to be agreed will set up a translation bureau in the Ethnic Affairs Commission, as a minority language translation work. Start number can be few but, after training, your Prime Minister for examination and approval." Files Premier Zhou Enlai at the right side is December 12 of the clear instructions: "Yes. Please Chen (Chen Yun), Peng Zhen, Chen Lin (Tan Zhenlin), International Spring, Ming Fong (MA Ming-side) access to back learning to do." National language translation of the "spark" Language translation is a national party and the country's political, economic and social life of a basic, professional, service work, is also an important part of national work. New China was established, national language translation along with the party and began to carry out the work of the nation, playing up and down the communication and harmony between nations sharing the special functions, and to assume the early days of New China, the CPPCC National Committee previous, as well as party and state major conferences, important documents and simultaneous interpretation of minority language translation work for the party and the country at that time start-up construction of socialist transformation and made a special contribution. According to Minority Languages and Translation Bureau (center) and memories of older workers, as early as 1955, before the national language translators to have assumed an important meeting of New China, the translation work, which is like a spark, play an important role. For example, in September 1954 the first victory of National People's Congress convened and the adoption of new China's first "constitution", the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) assumed the General Assembly and the new "constitution" in the work of translation and simultaneous interpretation . Since then, with the socialist party and the state of the booming construction industry, particularly over the years the "two sessions", the previous meeting of Congress and some major and important task of increasing the translation of documents, the state needs each year drawn from all over the country the text of a considerable number of ethnic types of translators to Beijing in this work. As a result, the leadership of State Ethnic Affairs Commission was fully aware of the need in Beijing to set up a special multi-language, high specification, efficient, standardized and uniform national language translation agency to focus on the lingual staff, specifically related to the growing commitment heavy national language translation work. Therefore, only the 1955 "National Language translation agency established the initial program." Since the date of Premier Zhou's instructions, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission that according to the instructions of Premier Zhou formally embarked on the formation of the Translation Bureau and the development of specific staffing. At the same time, the national language translation of text types for decades and has never stopped, always the CPC Central Committee, under the care of the State Council, under the leadership of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, in a personal, organized and well-managed state operation carried out. Marched in the hard way From 1955 to 2010, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) has gone through 55 years of history. In that time in half a century, even after changed its name, but the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) has always insisted on the "important documents bear the party and state documents, laws, regulations and major meetings of the national language translation and simultaneous interpretation work party and the state and social organizations, national language translation services; carry out the basic theory of minority languages, translation theory and research on special issues, the views put forward proposals; launched a new national language terminology standardization of research, proposed a new terminology of national languages Standard recommendations; carry out research of national languages of the information, participate in or undertake work related to national language information; contact national language and national language translation agency translation experts, undertake national language translation of the business exchange and cooperation and professional training, "the sacred duty. With the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (Center) party secretary Li Jianhui as saying: "China's Minority Languages and Translation Bureau (center) work has always maintained a historical continuity, and the Chinese of all ethnic groups achieved an unprecedented, huge multilingual kinds of ethnic language translation results. We can say that we are engaged in the national language translation work is always the work of the party and the nation and the Ethnic Affairs Commission, an important part of the work, and continue to grow and develop. Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) as in the only national capital, the central institutions of national language translations, but also always reflect the party and the country's national policy is different from any other country's unique political advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is a necessary and important component of Since the ruling Communist Party of China has been respect for minorities, the work of the historical evidence of national importance. " At present, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) with the Office of internal organs (party office), business office, Mongolia language room, the Tibetan language room, language room Uygur, Kazak language room, the Korean language room, language room Yi, Zhuang language room , Research (National Institute of Language Translation), Information Department, Personnel Department, the Treasury, retired workers at the General Service (Service Center). Minority Languages and Translation Bureau of China (center) or the Chinese language translation of the Translators Association of National Committee of the linked units, sponsored the publication "National Translation" magazine. After decades of experience and selection, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) currently has a high-quality translation team. Among them, with senior professional titles of the staff of 60, there have been 5 people enjoy special government allowances, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission has 3 awards outstanding experts. Professional and technical staff accounted for the proportion of active employees is 73%; 86 Communist Party members, representing the ratio of active employees is 47%. More than half a century, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) has undertaken and successfully completed the previous National Congress, NPC, CPPCC meetings of national language translations and simultaneous interpretation task, with the Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazak, Korean, Yi and Zhuang minority language translation of 7 kinds of classics, the literature documents, laws and regulations, dictionaries and other books and more than 400 million total words. Are: "Marx and Engels Collected Works," "Selected Works of Lenin", "Das Kapital", "Selected Works of Mao Zedong", "Selected Works of Zhou Enlai", "Selected Works of Liu Shaoqi," "Selected Works of Zhu De", "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping", "Select Works of Chen Yun" "Selected Works of Jiang Zemin", "Communist Party of China Constitution," "Constitution", "CPPCC charter", "compilation of PRC law," General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech, and "the State Council Regulations on Religious Affairs", "Tibet's sovereignty Ownership and Human Rights Situation "," new developments in human rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region "," Construction and Environmental Protection in Tibet "," reincarnation of Living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism management approach "," History and Development of Xinjiang "," China's accession to WTO knowledge Reader " "Ethnic Regions grassroots cadres training materials," "Popular Version of national unity and education," "New Words", "National Illustrated" and "national literature" magazines. 55 years, through hard work, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) several times by the party and state leaders were cordially received, and has won the "National Model Unit of national unity and progress", "advanced collective national security work", "Central State organs civilized unit "and so on. Li Jianhui, said: "In the new era, the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center) will thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, closely around the 'working together for common prosperity and development' of the nation work theme, adhere to the central task of the party and state services for the national work service, services for ethnic minorities and minority areas, for the scientific development of national language translation service, to further improve the management level, effective implementation of service functions, to the Chinese National Language and Translation Bureau (center), into the country's national language Translation base. "
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