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Tibetan Translators Association Annual Conference held in Lhasa
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28 morning, was held in Lhasa in Tibet Translators Association Annual Meeting 2009 in recognition of senior translator. Arden attended the regional deputy director of the Standing Committee to a s enior translator by the recognition of an honorary certificate. Late last year, TAC was held in Beijing China, the sixth member of Congress and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New China, a senior translator awards ceremony, Ma Guanghua granted to the region, bar the door to Wang Jie, red 10 and other old comrades as a senior the honorary title of translator, which is the 60th anniversary of founding of new China and Tibet since the peaceful liberation of the region received the highest honor translators the title, it marks the party and the country attached great importance to the cause of national culture and culture in Tibet has made remarkable translators success. The meeting urged the region to the majority of the older generation of middle-aged translator translators to learn, inherit and carry forward their quiet dedication, diligence, excellence, good thoughts, good moral character, good style, and strive to improve the ideological and political level, the work of professional ability, To promote the cause of the Tibetan translation and the comprehensive construction well-off Tibet, Tibet peace and harmony in Tibet, Tibet's ecology and make greater contributions. The meeting summed up the Translators Association of the region's work in 2009, arrangements for work in 2010.
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