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Ability of secret of pass a barrier of PETS3 day sprint
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Audition of —— of PETS make effort at the last moment piece

Speak of from audition first for example, audition setting is involved include the education, setting that borrows the book, library that return a book to wait and so on a moment, the method that suggests everybody raises audition quickly carries a few relevant setting vocabularies on the back, to the control of setting vocabulary, can be among the exam, for instance you hear this word, can mirror instead immediately this problem happening is in what setting, there is very great help when choosing a topic to you. Audition when everybody needs to master vocabulary of a few setting. Next, raise what the tunnel compares among the dialog quickly to audition achievement still can be recited or master a few relevant day everyday expressions and scene, the expressive way that everybody often says, everybody can be in at ordinary times review in the center review again, such word will be right of audition improve the function with rise particular. Normal for, audition is very slow improve a process, say impossibly crash inside short time, but fall in this kind of circumstance, the exam pattern that we follow or the method with have regular can let everybody improve certain result, suggested at 2 o'clock to everybody, one carries vocabulary of a few setting on the back namely, the 2nd expression means that is familiar with diction of scene of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels and dialog namely, this is to give everybody the proposal about audition part and opinion.

—— of PETS make effort at the last moment is syntactic piece

The application of English knowledge, according to the difficulty of different level, the difficulty that the examinee of different level asks according to level outline place undertakes grammar is reviewed, be told now according to whole, the proportion that syntactic knowledge holds between whole PETS examination paper is smaller, needing what examinee does is simple reviewing a few more important grammar are nodded, will look according to outline, compare main syntactic point, still have a few word group that easy control, such word can is opposite form fill a vacancy rises to improve function certainly. It is to read next, read means giving a title to have the law very much, when is with detail problem, gist is inscribed or inferential problem formed so commonly. Because we are impossible to understand propositional title somewhat beforehand, we are impossible also that to the question looks involves content understands somewhat, what so everybody can do is the means that is familiar with a problem again and the distinction between each option and connection. When the answering question that inscribes to the choice of the article and choice when everybody has very great difficulty really, the skill respect that whether can inscribe from a few solution raises reading to notch dot.

—— of PETS make effort at the last moment is composed piece
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