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The foreign language translates an exam advocate play ability card
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According to message of center of exam of Ministry of Education, certificate of interpreter of foreign language of whole nation of second half of the year took an exam 2007 on October 27, 28 days leave one's deceased father, take an examination of level to be 2 class, 3 class.

According to introducing, exam of certificate of interpreter of countrywide foreign language is Ministry of Education collaboration of exam center and university of Beijing foreign language is held, be opposite technically broad from personnel of course of study and the foreign language in school undergraduate practical capacity undertakes evaluating, offer the authoritative attestation that translates a qualification to examinee. This exam consulted the level of interpreter qualification attestation that includes country and the area such as the United States, Canada, European Union, England, Australia, it is an attestation examination that has international level. This exam to entering oneself for an examination the qualification is not had the age, profession and accept the restriction such as educational degree, in principle anybody can choose attend according to his actual level among them the exam of any certificate.

Coach for take an examination of normative proposition, convenient examinee and teacher, center of exam of Ministry of Education made exam outline and publish by higher education press.

Exam of certificate of interpreter of countrywide foreign language sets English, Japanese at present two languages. Exam cent is written translation and oral interpretation two kinds big. Exam eligible can obtain the written translation of corresponding level or oral interpretation letter respectively.

Countrywide foreign language translates certificate exam cent to be 4 level. Among them one class, 2 class, 3 class already were taken an examination of at leaving in October 2003. Left 2008 take an examination of English to translate certificate 4 class, 4 class draft Japanese interpreter letter timely roll out. Various written translation and oral interpretation exam are relatively independent, can take an examination of the written translation of different level and oral interpretation with times, in addition enter oneself for an examination advanced and other examination also need not first the certificate of hold low level.

The goal that each level exam place achieve is: The examinee that takes an exam through 4 class can pursue basic written translation and oral interpretation job: Written translation includes the translation of simple and written material; Oral interpretation includes plain talk, recieve and accompany an interpreter.

The examinee that takes an exam through certificate of 3 class written translation can translate the text of general difficulty; Can be competent mechanism, enterprise or business the run-of-mill text of the unit and business affairs kind the interpreter of material. The examinee that takes an exam through certificate of 3 class oral interpretation can be engaged in the oral interpretation of run-of-mill speech and talk; What can get the better of the sex like either is alternant pass interpret and accompany oral interpretation.
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