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China is elegant think of average branch 5.45!
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Annual elegant think of exam and examinee analysis to give heat again, www.ielts.org of the elegant net that consider an official was announced yesterday elegant 2007 think of exam and analysis of examinee whole world. The expression of Chinese examinee still nots allow hopeful, alive bound 20 main elegant think of in participating in a country, china only chief of a tribe of couplet of A of summary prep above and sand are special, the row is reciprocal the 3rd, the English communication ability of Chinese student makes a person anxious.

6 years L5.47 R5.8 W5.23 S5.39 always is divided 5.53

7 years L5.45 R5.76 W5.12 S5.26 always is divided 5.45

Compare with statistical photograph of 6 years, the audition of examinee of 7 years of China, say, read, write average branch to all drop somewhat, audition and read drop not quite, but writing and spoken language fall apparent.

The audition of examinee of 7 years of China discharges reciprocal in 20 countries the 3rd, read reciprocal the 7th, writing is reciprocal the 3rd, spoken language as before reciprocal the first. From the point of exam statistic of a few years, read the strong point that is us from beginning to end, but audition, writing and spoken language do not have too big improvement.

Those who look around Asian area is elegant think of a mark, in economically the district performance that with us existence competition concerns is close friends at China, among them Japan always is divided 5.75, korea 5.71, india 5.97, the mark of these countries also drops somewhat than 6 years. The Hong Kong area of our country 6.4 minutes, rank whole world the 5th, taiwan area is relatively fragile, total cent has 5.59 minutes only.

Of course, elegant the fall that thinks of a mark may not mirrors those who give level of English of our country examinee to drop, from with other country will look quite, our relative position did not change, and still rise from rank penult of 6 years for reciprocal the 3rd (because do not have the statistic that attends 6 years especially dene,this basically is) , this explains the English ability of our country examinee compares stability all the time. The mainest reason that brings about average branch to drop may be be restricted 90 days 6 years to take an examination of a regulation cancel the blowout with number of examinee of 7 years of China, fractional unfavorable examinee can attend for many times elegant think of an exam, but because time is brash,the mark did not rise at all again, the reappears to be able to pull low China examinee undoubtedly now again total cent of small fraction.

As 8 years elegant ponder over those who lay a number to soare and low age paragraph examinee is proportional increase, reckon 8 years of our country are elegant the trend that the average performance that considers examinee can continue to drop.

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