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BEC essay audition trains skill
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Say commonly, answer BEC intermediate audition especially essay audition, its for reference training must capture vertical stroke to listen with the horizontal stroke union undertook at 2 o'clock.

Alleged vertical stroke listens, it is to show a title hears remaining part from the beginning, hear last topic from the first problem.

Alleged horizontal stroke listens, it is to show a same theme and stylistic article are put in to contrast to be worn quite listen, grasp the pattern that is the same as type article quickly thereby, accomplish truly with changeless should 10 thousand change. For instance biographical article tells about the character's experience with the language of narrate commonly, the depict of rarer clue or character speak. Through such iteration contrast listens, can make we master the mode of article of character biography subject matter and examination questions train of thought very quickly, capture inside short time check a place, accomplish draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

The author offers the essay audition of one set system to train method here, examinee can choose 10-20 from inside examination questions of BEC intermediate past years piece different subject matter and different and stylistic article, according to the following measure, union of in any case will undertake essence of life listen to training.

Step 1: The first the problem is become seriously when hearing tape, every paragraphs of text that chooses to place is serious and careful, note time, atmosphere of imitate examination room. After finishing, still need to notice statistic is right wrong a number, analyse option to install a characteristic, practice the ability of fast scanning option.

Step 2: Break away from 4-5 of literal material rehear to all over tape. Do not allow to listen according to literal material absolutely right now, the repetition that should use a recorder to go up repeatedly bolts, do one's best understand full text content. Listen the 5th times or the 6th when, can listen to come down collection of complete style of writing at the same time at the same time, contrast next literal material, look note have what problem, the analysis is understood not reason, be speech, vocabulary or grammar? Next ground of have a definite object in view tries to solve.

Step 3: Be in enough and familiar after the content in this paragraph, open literal material, listen to recording to look at the same time at the same time, study dot and problem result accordingly in paragraph, experience carefully, him analysis why by certain interference misdirect.

Step 4: Follow tape to be recited aloud, in order to increase oneself sign fast. If oneself language fast can catch up with basically the language of audition material fast, redo is the same as type title, difficulty is not great.

Additional, there are a few items to be worth us to notice in practicing a process, ask authority the convention with good nurturance, avoid as far as possible:
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