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Oral interpretation examination room appears 11 years old baby makes an expert s
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The exam of foreign language oral interpretation of second half of the year left September 18, 2007 2007 one's deceased father. Afterwards after 6 years, examination room of Shanghai oral interpretation appears again year only 11 years old low age examinee. In recent years, heat up greatly as oral interpretation certificate, more and more high school students join textual research main force, still appeared even the puerile face of pupil.

The person that enter oneself for an examination is low with each passing day age change

2007, the Shanghai examinee that in attending, advanced oral interpretation takes an exam makes an appointment with more than 35 thousand, have a few among them low age examinee comes round to challenge. Director of office of council of exam of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language says affably, 7 years the youngest examinee is born in 1996.

The reporter grooms from on Shanghai a few oral interpretation the orgnaization understands, the number of stranger of middle and primary school that joins oral interpretation to groom is rising in year after year. Qiu Zheng of vice director of research center of oral interpretation of Shanghai new east politics say, the middle and primary school that attends oral interpretation to groom in new east is unripe occupy groom the student's scale already was amounted to 20% to 25% , among them, be born with high school be in the majority, and age is the smallest only 8 years old.

Learn English not to answer follow the fashion

Although in certificate of advanced oral interpretation did not set age limit, but exam content asks somewhat to English ability. Accordingly, many experts object low age textual research comes before the child. Expert of group of expert of oral interpretation of prexy of English of university of Shanghai foreign language, Shanghai Professor Mei Deming thinks, knowledge of oral interpretation need is accumulated, international eye shot and Chinese and English apply wait for integrated skill, involved knowledge is very extensive. If “ is odd convey ability from the language, the part is small age the student may have an advantage, but speak of content especially the knowledge of international relation respect, 10 come year old the child is impossible to master completely. Learn English, should not be follow the fashion. ”

Chinese strength more want solid

Zhang Ci 赟 says vice-chairman of association of home of interpreter of Shanghai daily editor in chief, Shanghai, good translation needs English capability not only, need solid Chinese skill more, this is not sheet relies on what can rise to groom. Many orgnaizations are playing the banner that “ oral interpretation is ” of in short supply talent, attract the parent and student to sign up attend those who get on 1000 yuan to groom, it is to be seek interest however actually. “ ten years old of big children, did not make clear even Chinese Hunan, not necessary go producing a translation. The parent should not suffer advertisement temptation more and follow suit, let the child enter oneself for an examination oral interpretation. ” Mei Deming also suggests, child of 89 years old should the process that learns a foreign language to serve as a joy, otherwise, as dry as a chip exercise and exam can attack study interest of the child.
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