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Jiangsu Shun the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty translates limited company
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The interpreter of center of interpreter of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of Shun of company brief introduction in domain of science and technology the person that ability exceeds trade of person of the same trade far, be in especially ability of liberal art of English, Japanese, French, heart translates a domain, can cover field of entire science and technology almost, be like: Electron, communication, mechanical, chemical industry, biology, biochemistry, medicine, computer, papermaking, spin, aviation, food, car, irrigation works, metallurgy, water and electricity, environmental protection, building, the sources of energy is waited a moment.
Contact means Contact an address: The road austral Zhongshan of Chinese Nanjing city edifice of 89 Jiangsu culture property of 26 23 layer, companies: Contact of private enterprise: Department of human affairs administration connects a telephone call: 0086-25-96889988 - 802 fax: Without email: Hr@sunyu.com employee number: 200-500 person postcode: 210005 establishs date: Registered fund 1996: Homepage of 10 million yuan of companies: Http://www.sunyu.com/index.asp year turnover: 10 thousand yuan

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