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Kairuida is translated
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Kairuida is translated is a professional interpreter, advisory company, for Beijing Dong Wo management seeks advice from the strategic partner of limited company, both sides exchanges information extensively, form professional knowledge and manpower resource to share, and with Tsinghua, Beijing University, south opened the relevant courtyard department that waits for an university, institute to establish good cooperative relationship.

The company has 60 more than person only, pluralistic interpreter group and the major of nearly 20 people consult a team, all by each industry senior and professional personage is comprised. Among them many sea puts in personage of major of language expert, foreign nationality 's charge, only senior expert, professor has 10 more than person. They or have substantial professional knowledge and professional interpreter experience, or have deep business management experience old seek advice to be experienced from course of study.

Development is rapid since the company holds water, already served to enterprise of close a hunderd schools offers a translation or seek advice, be like: Shenzhen what some appears on the market in the United States is large of civilian battalion enterprise change make manage control and the complete translation related its with interior, guangdong some enterprise organizes system of resource of design, manpower and incentive mechanism, equity of Beijing some Chinese-foreign joint venture changes make wait with financing and interpreter.

Kairuida wishs you are lucky develop! Wish to be offerred for you wholeheartedly major is translated and seek advice from a service, let you spend penny, handle a major issue, improve efficiency, enhance competition ability, win first machine.

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