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Beijing Sai Birui translates finite liability company
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Sai Birui of company brief introduction translates the knowledge that is enterprising of an acute meaning enterprise, with " one word is clean-fingered, the Nuo of a thousand pieces of gold " for spirit of enterprise, the service of buccal written translation that provides place to want a language for the client and this locality of other information knowledge are changed and internationalization serves.

The company is located in in the center of Beijing region of core of business affairs area, in management course of more than 10 years, provided excellent translation service successfully for domestic and international many and famous client, business covers the country such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao the country such as big city and each United States, England, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, translate a quantity to already evened more up to now 100 million words, the simultaneous interpretation that offerred high quality successfully for activity of more than 1000 international reachs the service that sends interpret alternately, among them 80% above are large and medium-sized international conference.

Pass the long-term support of broad client, through the effort of unremitting, the company already became industry celebrity.

Preeminent interpreter group creates reliable quality to assure. Before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs outside each outstanding graduate of professional domain comprised expert of senior diplomat, domestic and international famous language and global top class institution of higher learning seasoned written translation group. The predecessor of the teachers and students that the oral interpretation personnel of the company conducts a class together by class of U.N. interpret lecture and Brussels and room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs translates composition. At the same time the main foreign language of company and Beijing teachs grind orgnaization and school cooperate cheek by jowl, accept a nation each greater part appoint (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Commerce) the business that translates a branch is direct.

Mode of distinctive 4 big operations: One, long-term lot makes an appointment with a client to serve mode; 2, large project manages mode; 3, interpret draft is urgent with only operate mode; 4, the international conference that is core with oral interpretation serves mode integratedly.

The service flow of systematization and standardization perfected the service to the client. To receiving interpret, build a lexicon, groom the link such as finished product of draft of interpret of careful of the task of dragoman, arrangement, translation that finish, school, consign and processing feedback abides by operation flow strictly, ensure seasonable appropriate satisfies client requirement.

Wide professional range: The company is in law (standard of civil code, criminal law, economy, law of nations) , trade, finance (bank, safe, negotiable securities) the respect has distinct advantage. Chemical industry of communication of machine of intellectual property, environmental protection, project, electron, science and technology, medium, biology, medicine is like in other domain art of wholesome, education, literature (music, opera, brushwork) , sports and farming rich mouth also was accumulated in the professional domain such as animal husbandry.
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