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Beijing Sai Birui translates finite liability company
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Rich language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Han Yu, Russian, spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Arabic, Czech, polish language, Osmanli, Malay, Vietnamese.

Competitive sexual price compares: The operation that dimensions of benefit from benefit from turns, the company is holding to the excellent service, premise that assures quality to fall to offer competitive cost rate for the client, in order to make sure service other people exceeds a value.

Main client: Include diplomatic orgnaization, international orgnaization / government organization of enterprise, country and enterprise or business the unit. Do not disclose specific name according to confidential agreement excuse me.

Other service: Carry on to be waited for international conference, freely personnel of notarial, foreign language goes abroad to send outside doing experience etc.

The company is academician of China International public relations, China to translate academician now

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