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Jin Bang translates an inquiry agency
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Brief introduction

Establish by homecoming overseas Chinese ' Jin Bang translates an inquiry agency ' register in door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, gain formal business competence, interpreter language includes: The multilateral language such as English, Japanese, Han Yu, German, French, Russian, spanish, Thai, my company has provincial and outstanding interpreter talented person, can undertake accurate and fast interpreter to the professional data of large quantities of quantities.

The interpreter personnel that the company recruits all is the seasoned professional personage in all trades and professions, they learn to have attainment of special skill, foreign language in respective domain not only masterly, write in an easy and fluent style, and it is the interpreter elite that pass strict examine and verify and gets examining in practice. What top-ranking interpreter has major even proofread team! Jin Bang wants to undertake strict interpret careful is mixed to the article that translates every time proofread, in assure quality while, make the client gets is at ease truly.

Jin Bang translates an inquiry agency from do poineering work up to now, insist to pursue " to assure quality, let the tenet of benefit client " , won the recognition of all circles friend and support of your kind effort: "Character is the backing with golden successful a list of names posted up!

My company and office of state of home of number of province inside and outside, enterprise or business orgnaization of unit, foreign capital and study abroad the business connection that the orgnaization is maintaining stability, advanced office equipment assured an interpreter, proofread, graph article processing, design, composing, bound wait for one continuous line to serve, heart and soul service, make Jin Bangcheng is the man Friday on your success road!

Current, this company business flourishing, dimensions expands with each passing day, show itself in course of study of person of the same trade. Believe, we can provide excellent service for you with positive attitude.

The welcome hangs down ask, expect to cooperate!

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