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China translates publication company external
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China of company brief introduction publishs a company to evaginate interpret (abbreviation " in interpret company " . English name " China Translation&Publishing Corporation " abbreviation " CTPC " ) it is the national level that establishs via approval of the State Council the interpreter publishs an orgnaization. In interpret company only then built 1973, say formerly " U.N. data group " , the interpreter that is engaged in U.N. file technically on behalf of the country works; Via approval of the State Council, 1976 more the name is " Beijing translates publication place external " , changed 1979 call " China translates publication company external " . In interpret company early or late be subordinate to belongs to a country to publish bureau, news to publish total arrange, China to publish a group.
In interpret company reachs government of each concerned orgnaization, our country for a long time for U.N. headquarters all circles of departmental door, society and people offer much language, much discipline to translate a service, include diplomatic and consular missions, notarial place, court and accredit of public security bureau and admissive of all kinds concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals the interpreter of certificate, correspondence, offer all sorts of conferences, negotiation, exhibition to wait to send interpret and simultaneous interpretation service alternately. Interpret company still is translated in and publish U.N. and each to concern all sorts of professional books and periodicals of the orgnaization, reference book of bilingual reader, foreign language, foreign language learns language of publication China and foreign countries complementary introduction content and the treatise about interpreter theory and skill, and the interpret of respect of division of trade of publication history, classics, company, literature is written, publish " bilingual study " , " move feeling " wait for periodical. In interpret company comes a few years, mix in interpret of each other of much language, much discipline in published difficult practice, what formed celebrated China and foreign countries gradually is medium the distinctive color that interpret translates the interpret in mixing to publish.

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