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Communication and liaison collects gold to translate a company
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Brief introduction

Communication and liaison collects gold to translate a company is bureau of industrial and commercial administration registers a classics, the major that the government approbates translates a company, the translation that offers major for you serves, the company is had senior specializationed team, interpreter domain involves contract of communication, law, certificate kind, the numerous industry such as project of medicine, finance, culture, multimedia, oil, chemical industry, computer, IT, electron, mechanical engineering, car, building, environmental protection, the sources of energy, new technology.

Have 40 hours of interpreter rate that translate 200 thousand word. Use ISO international standard and interpreter entirely advanced technological process manages inside the industry and quality monitoring system, interpreter business pervades world each district. Communication and liaison collects gold to translate a company from do poineering work up to now, insist to pursue " to pledge high, quick, guard the tenet of commerce and technical secret " , the translation that offers high quality, rapid rate for each clients wholeheartedly serves, won the recognition of all circles client and support of your kind effort thereby, as well-known as numerous home company maintained long-term cooperative relationship.
Current, communication and liaison collects gold to translate company business flourishing, dimensions expands with each passing day, show itself in course of study of person of the same trade, believe we can be you to provide more excellent translation service with more positive attitude.

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