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Bo Yang translates advisory Shenzhen limited company
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Bo Yang translates advisory Shenzhen limited company

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Address: Edifice of red mountain of area of cropland of blessing of city of Guangdong province Shenzhen a 10C (on news edifice)
Postcode: 518029
Phone: 0755-25866176
Fax: 0755-25866069
Mailbox: Toyours@126.com
Businessman network address
Scope of business Place classification: ? Does the foreign language groom? Foreign language interpreter serves Show pursue greatly Product and company brief introduction, service company brief introduction: Interpreter of raise of Shenzhen city rich consults limited company (Bo Yi of former Shenzhen city translates limited company) held water in September 2001, it is a collect talent of interpreter, dub, foreign language is recommended (hunt head) , business foreign language grooms, of an organic whole of melt into of website this locality specialization company. The company is had one large quantities of professional strong, seasoned, working manner is precise in senior professional and industry elite. The language is all ready (flower, day, heart, law, Russia, Han, meaning, on the west, A, Pu, peaceful, Wukelan, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, Keluodeya, Slovenian, involve major extensive (project of electron, communication, mechanical, construction, medicine, network, traffic, law, trade, literary, finance) specialization company. Product and service: Arabic of; of interpreter of spanish of; of interpreter of Italian of; of interpreter of Russian of; of interpreter of French of; of Germanization of; of interpreter of Japanese of; of interpreter of interpreter; English translates; portuguese to translate; Thai to translate;

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