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Shenzhen city triumphant ocean translates limited company
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Shenzhen city triumphant ocean translates limited company

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Address: South city of Guangdong province Shenzhen a mountainous area B-28A of edifice of king of poineering road sea
Postcode: 518067
Phone: 0755-26430606 0755-26430607
Fax: 0755-26432159
Mailbox: Szky@kaiyang.net
Businessman network address
Scope of business Place classification: ? Does the foreign language groom? Foreign language interpreter serves Show pursue greatly Product and company brief introduction, service company brief introduction: Shenzhen city triumphant ocean translates a company is the company of a professional interpreter that by interpreter bound senior personage forms, and the multiligualism that is a major translates a company, depend on abundant interpreter actual strength, the interpreter that is in the major project that waits with place of scientific research courtyard to offer major in the light of foreign capital enterprise, transnational corporation, Patent Office, notarization serves product and service: English translates; Japanese to translate; of written translation of mouth of; each language

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