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The whole world translates analysis of company current situation
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Be in a before 20 renown interpreters that listed North America and Europe undertake commercial activity in the report and a this locality turn service company; Next, an intermediary carry on leaves in market of real time speech the oral interpretation company of the lance before the United States ranks; Finally, discussed the language that appears in other sphere to serve business.

In addition, still cited in the article we another more minute research gain, what basically discuss is 2006 the language industry in language service.

Listed in this report North America and Europe (see a table one) in the basic message that 20 the biggest interpreters and this locality turn service company, 7 come from the United States, 4 come from England, switzerland and Czech republic have 2 each, duchy of Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland and France have 1 each. A headquarters still is included to be in in the watch the group of Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. Finally, the income of business of partial oral interpretation that Lionbridge company collected in the watch, software profit income of SDL, STAR and TransPerfect.

According to oral interpretation service provider expresses, they translate the translation firm of form and form of other oral interpretation and mainstream to have very big difference in judicatory business, phone, need discusses their dominant position alone. LanguageLine leads American oral interpretation the market, its the income 2005 exceeds 140 million dollar. And back-to-back ever since company income falls to 25 million dollar however, these companies include: Cyracom, Network Omni, LSA and Teleinterpreters.

The language of other area serves the chance that the supplier faces and challenge

Come nearly 20 years Ireland is the “ Mecca ” that this locality changes an industry, but resemble such company of language supplier Lionbridge and big client Microsoft transferring his business and employee the world by Dublin gradually the production of cost of other low labor power and project management center.

Serve industrial center as the language east move and south move, old brand supplier also discovered good luck and competition in other area. Meeting subcontract of company of West of some Beijing University gives this the other company of the area, some companies can be on the business that involves this locality language undertake contend, additional and a few otherer the company will seek annex or amalgamative and burgeoning company. We anticipate in coming 5 years, the company of these domains has very good show in the before the watch 20 meetings in the name.

Japan: Manpower cost of Japan is not low, so, japan wants than the market development of China and Korea slow. The Zhang area income that if Honyaku Center, Intergroup and Sunflare are annual,serves a supplier for central language with Japan exceeds 20 million dollar, but their business is confined to an Asia. The TOIN that concentrates Asian professional work is in we had appeared in the rank July 2005, if can long-term development still should be met,enter a list of names posted up, because be the same as headquarters to compete in the ISP of the Amsterdam even, so, the rank of TOIN still is met in and out.
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