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Chairman Mao " ooze garden spring " word two interpret
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Ooze garden spring


In Feburary 1936


To The Tune Of Spring Beaming In Garden

Gu Zhengkun


Tune: Spring In A Pleasure Garden

Xu Yuan is strong

Northland scene,

A thousand li is icebound,

10 thousand lis of snow wave.

Look at Great Wall inside and outside,

Only more than luxuriant;

The great river fluctuates,

Break suddenly surging.

Hill dance silver-colored snake,

Candle resembles Yuan Chi,

Be about to try with the ruler of heaven than tall.

Need fine day,

See element of gay feminine attire wrap,

Enchanting especially.

What A Scene Is In The North Found!

A Thousand Li Of The Earth Is Ice-clad Aground,

Ten Thousand Li Of The Sky Is Snow-bound.

Behold! At Both Sides Of The Great Wall

An Expanse Of Whiteness Conquers All;
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