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Patent translates medium commonly used English vocabulary
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Abandonment Of A Patent Application abandons patent applicationAbandonment Of A Patent abandons patentAbridgment abstractAbstract abstract (summary)Abuse Of Patent abuses patentLawsuit of patent tort of Action For Infringement Of PatentPatent lawsuit of Action Of A PatentAdditional Features Don't Work To Resolve Question is additional the feature is insoluble also problemAddress of service of file of Address For ServiceAffidavit oath bookAllowance allowsAmendment is revisedAnnual Fee year costAnnuity year costAnticipation anticipateAppeal appealsName of country of origin of Appellation Of OriginPatent applicant of Applicant For PatentApplication Date applies for dateApplication Documents files case documentApplication Fee applies for costPatent of Application For Patent applies for (case)Application Laying Open For Public Inspection makes public the application that examines for the publicApplication Number files orderApplication Papers files case documentArbitration is arbitralArt technologyGoods of Article Of ManufactureAssignee alieneeAssignment is made overAssignor transferorInventor of Author Of The InventionAuthor's Certificate invents book of testimony of a witnessBasic Patent is basic and patentBe Paid In Advance is handed in beforehand
Convention of Berne Convention Bai Erni
Berne Union Bai Erni is alliedBest Mode optimal wayBibliographic Data writes collection data
BIRPI protects bureau of international of intellectual property U.N.Committee of appeal of Board Of AppealsDivulge a secret of Breach Of Confidence
What international of Budapest Treaty On The International Recognition Of The Deposit Of Microorganisms For The Purposes Of Patent Procedure admits to be used at patent program is microbial save Budapest treatyResponsibility of quote of Burden Of ProofBy The Secretary Of Labor consumes the wave motion of price indexLaw of Case Law legal precedentCaveat is premonitorySupplementary certificate of Certificate Of AdditionCertificate Of Correction corrects certificatePatent certificate of Certificate Of PatentThe carbon of attestation of Certified Copy classics
Chemical Abstracts chemical abstractCitation is adduceClaim 1 Is Rejected On The Basis That rejects the right to ask according to … 1Right of method of Claim To A Method asksRight of product of Claim To A Product asksClaim counterpoisesClaim1 Was Refected As Being Predictable can expect the right asks 1 can restoreThe feature that Claimed Features asks to protectThe theme that Claimed Subject Matter asks to protectClain 1and 2 Have Noveity Under PCT Article 33(2) Respectively wants according to 33 the 2nd paragraph rightThe member that Classifier is classifiedCo-applicants collective applicantCo-inventors collective inventorCode of Color Coding color is madeCommissioner Patent Office is longCommon Sense, known Technical Solution is fair know, foregone technical program
Convention of patent of community of Community Patent Convention