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Asia Battles Hike In Rice Prices

Concern rises in price substantially rice of scare buying of Hong Kong dweller

Grocery Stores In Hong Kong Have Replenished Rice Supplies After Panic Buying Nearly Cleared The Shelves. Concern Is Growing Among Asian Consumers That The Region's Staple Food Will No Longer Be Affordable For Low-income Families.

The rice of store of each Hong Kong grocery almost by scare buying after one sky, complemented now rice goods in stock. Asian consumer fears low income family will can not afford rice more and more.

The Rush For Rice In Hong Kong Began After Wholesale Prices Spiked In Thailand.

The rice trade price of Thailand after case rocket, hong Kong person begins scare buying rice.

At The End Of February, thailand's Benchmark Rice Was Trading At More Than $500 A Ton, an Increase Of More Than $100 From A Month Earlier. And In Recent Days, the Price Has Risen Further - More Than 30 Percent.

By this year Feburary, the price of Thailand standard rice is every tons of 500 much dollars, than 100 much dollars rising before a month. Come these days, rice price rose again 30% above.

Hong Kong Imports 90 Percent Of Its Rice From Thailand, and Relies On Imports For Most Of Its Food. Consumers, expecting Sharp Price Rises, in The Past Several Days Have Loaded Up On Rice, clearing The Shelves Of Some Stores.

Of rice of Hong Kong consumption 90% import from Thailand, and the major provision of Hong Kong is to count an import. The consumer of Hong Kong estimates rice value rocket, will be in all the time because of these a few days memory rice, the rice scare buying in a few shops one sky.

Jasmine Hui Is Spokeswoman For Park-n-Shop, one Of Hong Kong's Largest Food Retailers. She Says The Chain Has Increased Delivery Volume For Rice To Meet Consumer Demand. Hui Says Shoppers In Hong Kong Should Not Be Concerned Just Yet That They Will Have To Pay More For Rice.

Hong Kong's biggest provision interlinks one of inn the spokesman of supermarket of 100 beautiful ” says “ , 100 beautiful ” increased “ rice is measured for goods, in order to satisfy the client's requirement. She expresses, hong Kong consumer need not fear rice price rises:

"Although We Are Really Facing Much Pressure As A Result Of The Increase In Cost Price For Rice Recently, and We Do Try Our Best To Stabilize The Retail Price And Up Till Now We Have Not Adjusted The Retail Price For All Our Rice Products, "She Said.

Although we rise as a result of price of the closest rice really and “ faces very great pressure, but we do our best steady retail prices, so far, the price that we taste to all old the metric system did not undertake adjustment. ”

Smaller Crops And Other Factors Such As Higher Fuel Costs Have Contributed To Rising Prices For Rice. Analysts Are Concerned About What That Means For Social Stability. Some Of The Region's Poorer Nations, with Inefficient Markets And Distribution Systems, could Face Shortages, and Millions Of Households Could Struggle To Pay For Basic Food.
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