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Accrued Interest deserveds accrual
Index of All-Ordinaries Index all common stock
Arbitrage covers Deng
Ask Price purchase price
Asset-Backed Securities provides the negotiable security that asset assures
At-the-money just arrived valence
Automatic Order Matching And Execution System is opposite automatically dish reach clinch a deal system
Basis Point base point
Bear Markets Xiong Fu
Bid Price sale price
Price difference of Bid-ask Spread buying and selling
Blue Chips is blue prepare
Bond bond
Book Value book value
Broker broker
Commission of Brokerage Fee broker
City of Bull Markets ox
Call Option is good storehouse period counterpoises / buy (subscribe) period authority
Callable Bonds but redemptive bond
Appreciation of Capital Gain capital
Market of Capital Markets capital
In the center of Central Clearing And Settlement System settle accounts system
In the center of tool of debt of Central Money Market Units settle accounts system
Card of deposit of Certificate Of Deposits
Concept of China of China Concepts Stock
Closed-end closes upright fund
Collateral gage
Bill of Commercial Paper trade
Common Stock common stock
Compound Interest answer breath
Contract Note clinchs a deal odd
Controlling Shareholder controls partner
Convertible Bond can trade a bond
Corporate Bond debenture
Coupon ticket ceases
Coupon Frequency sends interest number
Par breath leads Coupon Rate
Covered Warrants has add identifies equity evidence
Grade of Credit Rating credence
Currency Board money is issued bureau
Breath of Current Yield present price is led
Negotiable securities of Custody Of Securities is mandatory
The risk of Default Risk irrecoverable capital
Derivative Call derives subscribe (identify buy) identify equity evidence
Derivative Instrument derives a product
Direct Business clinchs a deal directly
Bond of Discount Bond discount
Diversification dispersive risk
Duration deadline
Earnings accrual
Earnings Per Share every gain
Earnings Yield is filled with interest rate
Equity capital stock
Subscribe of capital stock of Equity Call Warrants identifies equity evidence
Ex-dividend is divided breath
Par value of Face Value/ Nominal Value
Bond of fixed interest of Fixed Rate Bonds
Negotiable securities of Fixed-income Securities fixed interest
Bond of breath of float of Floating Rate Bonds
Fundamental Analysis is analysed basically
Future Value was worth
Future Value Of An Annuity offers the future of the paragraph to be worth regularly
Contract of Futures Contract futures
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