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" good Qiu is passed " inchoate Xi Wenyi this pre-test
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In the literary treasury of Chinese tremendous amount of, the novel of talent beautiful woman that is born at the beginning of Ming Moqing " good Qiu is passed " the bright phearl that does not calculate a bright. But be in outside Chinese book on interpret history, the place that it has is worth big book brushstroke very however: " good Qiu is passed " it is the Chinese novel that the first interpret becomes western written language and is able to publish. And be as long as after translation comes out of half many century right in by yearning China bookman acts according to the west of culture for classical. Heart of song of German big literary giant is in even year of nearly 8 a period of ten days during right still the work remain fresh in one's memory that this has read he is 30 years ago originally. Why can this book have the charm that lasts long so in the west? Except the reason of work content respect, this book translator, publisher result cannot be done not have, the place of intention of wh some of which even if after more than 200 years look today also not without benefit gained from sb's wisdom. The text basically appears the earliest flower, translation of heart, French has preliminary research.

One, transmission history

" good Qiu is passed " become a book roughly at the beginning of Ming Moqing. The novel is told about cross childe covet randily to reside the talented woman water that is in the home to put a heart on the ice alone, 3 times the intent is married by force by this female clever escape. Final maneuver is grabbed by force, water puts a heart on the ice however by apropos and transient a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct the jade in person iron is met by chance save below. Cross childe to have resentment, be in in iron in jade food and drink envenom. Crisis juncture, water puts a heart on the ice to disregard idle character, receive the benefactor of at death's door the cure in the home. Right now, two people already were admired each other, but defend in order to manage oneself from beginning to end, shade also is lain between only when the talk has a meal opposite. Later, tie Zhongyu render outstanding service and be famous, do by bilateral father advocate get married. Cross the home to come out to slander again however. Finally, ming Shuibing heart still is empress check place child personally, then the aim below the emperor commends 2 people, make its get married. Evil person penalized in the meantime. 1761, of this book flower translation publisher holds Mass • in the palm handkerchief on the west (Thomas Percy) write in the preface: “ has reason to conclude because those home people are only normally medium,the Chinese regards his as classic …… the book that enjoys high reputation, just can be taken the foreigner looks. ” handkerchief the judgement on the west is very accurate, this book is at the beginning of Qing Dynasty truly ever gain considerable fame among one's contemporaries, and 10 talents of the “ that be labelled the 2nd of book ” .
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