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Sentence of business affairs English is translated
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Yes, sir. Your Account Was Overdrawn 15 Dollars On The 12th Of This Month.
Yes, gentleman. 15 dollars overdrew on a days of this 12 days your account this month.
According To The Regulations, sir, you’ll Have To Reimburse The Bank For The Amount Paid.
According to the regulation, gentleman, you should compensate that money that the bank pays.
I Want To Buy Some Traveller’s Checks.
I want to buy some of traveller's check.
I Have Been Told You Have Just Changed The Interest Rate On Savings Accounts. Is That True?
Hear your savings ratio just had been moved, be true?
Have You Got Your Cheque Book With You?
Was your chequebook brought?
The Amount You Want To Transfer.
You want the amount that transfer accounts.
The Cheque Will Be Cleared In About Three Days.
It is probably after 3 days, check can cash.
I See. I’ll Go And Check.
Oh, it is so such, then I am checked again examine.
Hello, may I Change Some Money With My Master Card?
I whether amount to card to convert some of fund with all things?
Yes, you Can. Would You Please Show Me Your Card?
Can, let me see your card.
Here Are You Chinese Yuan For $ 1000. And Your Passport And Exchange Memo.
This is you the RMB that 1000 dollars place changes. To you the passport is mixed change detailed account.
How Much Would You Like To Remit?
Do you want how to many money collect?
I Suppose You Want To Send U.S. Dollars.
Do I think you are to collect a dollar?
May I Ask The Reason For Your Remittance?
Can excuse me the reason of remittance?
Do You Want To Remit The Money By Air Mail Or By Cable, sir?
You want air letter or telegraphic transfer money, gentleman?
So You Can Take M/T, and They Will Take A Longer Time To Reach New York Bank.
So you should use mail transfer, it is mail transfer remittance only the time that uses to new York bank is longer.
Would You Care To Take A Seat While I Make Out A Receipt?
Sit a little while please? I drive a receipt to you.
I’ll Take M/T.
Then I use mail transfer.
300 To London of For £ , the Commiossion Is 3, please.
300 pound go to remittance London, charge is 3 pound.
Excuse Me, but Do You Handle Remittance Checks Here?
Disturbed, do you conduct remittance check?
To Whom Is The Check Payable, madam?
Who is excuse me check gets paragraph person, madam?
Yes, I Have Got The License From The Bank Of China. Here You Are.
Yes, I already received the permission of the Bank of China. Ask look over.
Would You Please Tell Me Your Phone Number So That We’ll Ring You Up As Soon As The Remittance Arrives? String 7
You whether tell me telephone number, so that remittance arrives to call to you?
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