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English adage (English-Chinese contrasts edition)
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1.A Bad Thing Never Dies. Good person is not macrobian, chiliad of damage involuntary discharge of urine.
2.A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools.
Cobbler always blames a tool to differ.
3.A Baited Cat May Grow As Fierce As A Lion.
Person urgent hang oneself from a beam, a cornered beast will do something desperate.
4.A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.
Two birds are in forest not consistent bird is in hand.
5.A Bully Is Always A Coward.
Bully puny person it is craven forever.
6.A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire.
In one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years.
7.A Cat Has Nine Lives.
The cat has 9 lots; Auspicious person from one day.
8.A Cat May Look At A King. The nobody also has some of right.
9.A Clear Conscience Can Bear Any Trouble.
Do not do guilty thing at ordinary times, midnight knock heart not Jing.
10.A Cook Is Bold On His Own Dunghill. Be a bully under the protection of a powerful person.
11.A Constant Guest Is Never Welcome.
Frequenter is afflictive welcome.
12.A Contented Mind Is A Perpetual Feast.
Chang Le of content with one's lot.
13.A Cracked Bell Can Never Sound Well.
Do not grow to give ivory to come in dog mouth.
14.A Crooked Stick Will Have A Crooked Shadow.
When the above behave wrongly.
15.A Deceitful Peace Is More Hurtful Than An Open War. Bright gun hides easily, attack by a hidden enemy is prevented hard.
16.A Door Must Be Either Shut Or Open.
Door blame closes to leave namely; Both choose firstly.
17.A Drowning Man Will Clutch At A Straw.
Drowning person does not let off a straw; Try anything when in a desperate situation.
18.A Dwarf On A Giant's Shoulders Sees The Farther Of The Two.
The dwarf on giant shoulder looks far; The experience benefit of other of rely on for support is much.
19.A Fault Confessed Is Half Redressed.
Know a fault to be able to change, be apt to is greatest Yan.
20.A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.
Woodenhead gets together hard money.
21.A Fool's Mouth Is His Destruction. Out of the mouth comes evil. .
22.A Forced Kindness Deserves No Thanks.
Loath beneficent undeserved acknowledgment.
23.A Fox May Grow Grey But Never Good.
Country changes easily, nature moves hard.
24.A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.
Adversity sees the real situation.
25.A Full Purse Never Lacks Friend.
Money has alcoholic drink, have a friend surely.
26.A Golden Key Opens Every Door. Qian Nengtong is magical.
27.A Good Husband Makes A Good Wife. Husband be apt to criterion wife virtuous.
28.A Good Medicine Tastes Bitter. Good medicine tastes bitter.
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