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Strong of great capacity human relations · Keller
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In 1882 A Baby Girl Caught A Fever That Was So Fierce She Nearly Died. She Survived But The Fever Left Its Mark—She Could No Longer See Or Hear. Because She Could Not Hear She Also Found It Very Difficult To Speak.
1882, because a female baby is tall have a fever within an inch of one's life. She although escape by the skin of one's teeth, but had a fever to leave sequela — to her—She also is lost sight of again, inaudible. Because inaudible, she thinks the speech also becomes very difficult.

So How Did This Child, blinded And Deafened At 19 Months Old, grow Up To Become A World-famous Author And Public Speaker?
So such one is when 19 months already blind deaf child, how be to grow the writer to be famous in the world and oratorical?

The Fever Cut Her Off From The Outside World, depriving Her Of Sight And Sound. It Was As If She Had Been Thrown Into A Dark Prison Cell From Which There Could Be No Release.
High fever separates she and outside, make she lost eyesight and voice. She ases if place oneself cannot be cast off in dark cage.

Luckily Helen Was Not Someone Who Gave Up Easily. Soon She Began To Explore The World By Using Her Other Senses. She Followed Her Mother Wherever She Went, hanging Onto Her Skirts, she Touched And Smelled Everything She Came Across. She Copied Their Actions And Was Soon Able To Do Certain Jobs Herself, like Milking The Cows Or Kneading Dough, she Even Learnt To Recognize People By Feeling Their Faces Or Their Clothes. She Could Also Tell Where She Was In The Garden By The Smell Of The Different Plants And The Feel Of The Ground Under Her Feet.
Of very lucky is Helen not be a person that admits defeat easily. The sense organ that before long she begins to use other will probe this world. She follows a mother, playing garment role of the mother, always together. She goes feeling, go smell all sorts of article that she comes up against. The movement that she imitates others and very fast can oneself do a few businesses, squeeze milk for example or knead dough. She learns * to feel the face of others or dress to distinguish opposite party even. She is returned can * hears different plant and feeling ground to discern the position that oneself are in a garden.

By The Age Of Seven She Had Invented Over 60 Different Signs By Which She Could Talk To Her Family, if She Wanted Bread For Example, she Would Pretend To Cut A Loaf And Butter The Slices. If She Wanted Ice Cream She Wrapped Her Arms Around Herself And Pretended To Shiver.
7 years old when she invented a variety of 60 different signal, this is able to communicate with the family member. For instance if she wants bread, can make the motion that cuts biscuit and besmear butter. When wanting ice-cream, she can wrap herself to put on quivering appearance with the hand.

Helen Was Unusual In That She Was Extremely Intelligent And Also Remarkably Sensitive. By Her Own Efforts She Had Managed To Make Some Sense Of An Alien And Confusing World. But Even So She Had Limitations.
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