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Interpreter detailed is solved " humanitarian Olympic Games " concept
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Many people “ ” of humanitarian Olympic Games is translated into People′S Olympics. Is ” of “ humanitarian Olympic Games the Olympic Games ” that points to “ people? Of course, the Olympic Games ” that “ belongs to people is understandable the Olympic Games ” that becomes sex of “ the whole people. This kind of formulation has stated reason, because China has the ground to be mixed greatly really the person's much characteristic, sports and gymnastical activity are begun very extensively. This formulation showed athletic sports already walked into the wide world of ” of sex of “ the whole people in China. Nevertheless, to having the Beijing of history of 800 years of found a capital for, in the final analysis, ” of “ humanitarian Olympic Games the one word of “ humanitarian ” in this catchword its culture is embedded it is more important. That is to say, the Olympic Games is held in Beijing, wanting those who highlight conduct propaganda is this Gu Cheng's unique history details and culture scene. Accordingly, explain with People’s humanitarian Olympic Games cannot be taken it seems that.

Relevant document points out: ” of “ humanitarian Olympic Games is the one large window that Beijing holds the Olympic Games, main from the following two respects reflect: It is to promote humanitarian spirit, it is with the person this. Build the infrastructure such as center of village of place, Olympic Games, news and traffic, communication, accommodation to build an aspect in the choice for instance, want mature the need that is helpful for Olympic big family and audience, the life that creates an ideal, training, match and interview an environment; 2 it is the point of view that exchanges from culture will reflect. Include to make full use of holy fire is delivered, leave, the trait that the Olympic ceremony such as closure shows Chinese traditional culture to the world, undertake multiform Olympic culture communicates an activity to wait. In addition, to do ” of humanitarian Olympic Games of a “ , while Beijing is quickening urban modernization pace, also be in cogent the protection that strengthens pair of historical culture place of historic interest, yong Baobei Beijing regards world history culture as the distinctive glamour of the famous city.

People understands one word of “ culture ” from narrow sense normally, actually “ culture ” is to point to the activity such as language, literature, art not just; Tell from broad sense, it still includes a lot of other content. The one word of “culture” in English is the same as the “ culture ” in Chinese one word has a common characteristic, that includes namely the gender is particularly strong. “Culture”May Be Defined As “the Integrated Pattern Of Human Knowledge, belief, and Behaviour…Language, ideas, beliefs, customs, taboos, codes, institutions, tools, techniques, works Of Art, rituals, ceremonies, and Other Related Components…”(Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1989) . .
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