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The hundred years course that translates a career and at present the current sit
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More than 100 years since from China of 19 centuries middle period and west front of big powers happening conflicts and sufferring all-time setback, regard study as important step of the west, the interpreter introduces ancient codes and records of culture of western science and technology, make the pursuit that annals of Chinese cultural worker arrow does not move, at me the nation opens his eyes view the world, open to the outside world fine of trend world contribution is much.

Because assuming the mission that rescues ethical at stake, the interpreter of late Qing Dynasty to period of the Republic of China career, enveloping a kind of insistent realism from beginning to end manipulative,
Those who translate the person be engaged in of the career to have easy choice hard is ample with academic interest: Forest criterion generation of source of Xu, the Kingdom of Wei grows ability to coach in order to make exterminate ” mind in “ Shi Yi, the place that thises morning or evening-in a short while with “ foreigner is, it is such that fine all obtains the material of foreign the press that hear ” to be a target and organizes to translate surely, division of capital of foreign Wu group produces the translation of bureau interpreter house to books and periodicals of western science and technology with article house, Changjiang Delta, the represents reform person of ideals and integrity such as Yan Fu, democratic revolution sends the interpret of pair of western politics thoughts to upright, and even since new culture moves, be opposite the introduction of the Marxism, not also be inferior to this. A task of top priority that graph of vigilant compatriots, save the nation from extinction puts, decided this one period translates an activity to pursue an objective impossibly that with real learning development is.

However, although be in the difficult period of national calamity pawn, the outstanding scholar of our country is useless to the “ of pure learning also hold sober recognition from beginning to end with ” greatly, did not forgo the pursuit of pair of pure learning, and advanced learning in an attempt to transforms interpret interpose west the backward situation of Chinese learning, it is one of main goals that its pursue. Before 20 centuries half leaf, it is important that the institute sends a scholar to devote oneself to interpret interpose foreign country composition, the interpose of interpret of numerous and classic work of the domain such as western philosophy, will aesthetic, psychology and Euramerican Sinology gives our country academia, learning of benefit lustre China, the ascensive faint result at Chinese learning very Wei.

20 centuries after 50 time, new China arranges the academic work of the country such as classic work and Russia to the horse, organized large-scale interpreter activity, translate the prosperity that the career appeared to comparative for a short while. Period of ” of “ Culture Revolution, the academic career of our country sink is actually complete halt condition. Before 70 time half period, organization of relevant government sector translates the job, basically be the service need at diplomatic activity. Although the interpreter job of this one period has prosperous appearance, but the learning that goes up to firm sense develops, do not have play to urge action duely.
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