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The hundred years course that translates a career and at present the current sit
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After 80 time, as the development of career of reforming and opening, learning considers to return to normal gradually, interpreter career regards learning as the main component of research, achieve all-time energy, a large number of outstanding interpret are made appear in succession, effectively promoted the development of career of our country learning, make our country academia new the international learning of forward position of bring into contact with. Companion moves toward the pace of the world as China, the do all one can that passes academia nearly 20 years is developed, chinese learning from close the trend is open, be on the is a target with ” greatly correct science course with “ no use, this among them, the contribution that translates a career cannot be buried. Can say, as the ceaseless improvement of the life and condition of pursue one's studies, learning of China and foreign countries communicates strengthen, chinese learning obtained nearly more than 100 years to come the external environment that scholars long for day and night, interpreter career develops his to communicate learning of China and foreign countries the opportunity of tremendous function is completely mature already.

However, current academia has one but the phenomenon that can notices: Under the picture that flourishs in learning, academia is apparent to translating the sense of the career underestimate, interpreter career in academic developing significant position did not get attention adequately. The fact that does not dispute is, in each university and research organization, very few or interpreter work is flat be rejected to admit to be academic gain; Besides in reader face scope of wider foreign literature interpreter sets special interpreter outside award, other sphere of learning is like the domain such as historiography, philosophy, politics, sociology and aesthetic, heretofore still has no sole interpreter award; Contrast and so on of the “ task ” with nowadays various items, “ project ” , no matter how dimensions is baronial,translate a career, never gain the opportunity that project approving aids financially. And on the other hand, we see again, every year much interpreter work is published. Ought to admit, some are the interpreter master piece with excellent quality in these work, but the work of ” of “ snack sex of the hand of more youths that are out apprentice generation, the translator of these work did not accept specialized training mostly, what do not have experience to need more is longer the interpreter practice of period. Translate this kind of situation with located career, make the scholar of not rare talent and ability is not willing to be engaged in translating this kind of job that takes pain to not to please. Its are as a result, the interpreter of the composition with tall, great difficulty became value almost “ wisdom person the profession that is not ” , the doleful career of ” of person of heart of element of a few “ . Without exception of character, the current situation that at present learning translates is, dilettante person be engaged in an interpreter feebly but look down on an interpreter mostly, commonplace person be happy to do it but do bad interpreter mostly, brillant person take an interpreter seriously but result from an interpreter absolutely mostly. Exception cannot say, but the case is roughly such.
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