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The challenge translates a book
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Interpret thing already had quite long-term history in China, but besides religious ancient codes and records, belong to an individual hard more, of rare systematization large-scale be engaged in. Not simply best-known west is in charge of the current translation that lacks authority, the science of metabolic change quickly learns the door is more tens of year consistent day, give priority to in order to use textual text book. The teacher in the university attends class, the student writes a report, the be mingled with in a Chinese proper-noun of a few English is early it is normal. Certain westernize Chinese to be in scientific group already root deep Di originallies, everybody seeks express the idea only, a few unmanned cares are " pure " Chinese.
Before still remembering nearly 30 years, in thinking of fruit, Yuguang, wait advanced write a book to be namely civil, point out the problem that westernizes Chinese. Among them a few basic ideas, annulus of much like English annulus is linked together, make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings of Chinese criterion appropriate; The article with common English, plural, passive voice, chinese can be discharged, it is the individual composes what do one's best avoids to be short of with Chinese for years break, also be to examine the tentative target of bad interpret. Think of fruit gentleman place to write especially " the interpreter studies " one book, it is to often desk be placed more, often browse, also recommend long review " the paper is composed " the student is read.
Do not weigh the time of wisdom money property right in those days, one Ben Yingmei best seller has several translation, belong to normal therefore. One of advantage are a reader can consult the style of translation that compares each actors or actress bad, also cause the discussion of many this respects. Resemble " the story of love " in a "Love Is That You Don't Have To Say Sorry. Resemble " the story of love " in a "Love Is That You Don't Have To Say Sorry.. , can from colloquialism " love even if need not say sorry to " , to half classical Chinese " love arrives in without complain blame " ; And " mew Lie Wensi pauses " one book, somebody can lend Du Gong the line of the ministry, interpret is become " heaven and earth one sanded gull " . The sort of circumstance, get double authorization not carefully only in recent years " brook bank day asks " reach " the pilgrim of bank of lowing Ke Xi " can be likened to a bit. And still have in those days this " book review booklist " magazine, the book review that often has translation of comment on of word for word is published. Because of this reason, be aimed at the criticism that translates character, its will have from. Below the version that there can be a legal authorization only now especially, more should strict to the requirement of translation, lest interpret became bad, go down in history as a symbol of infamy; Calculate a person with high aspirations and determination to think retranslate, also be like hard wish.
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