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Of research interpreter important
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Recently since 20 one's remaining years, the door opens the country, chinese scholar because of this be able to learning of international of comprehensive, direct contact. Literally says, the development of science of society of the closest home is complete translation directs almost, be in even certain humanities (like philosophy) in, the interpreter's composition also makes the mark that leads domestic scholar attention. Below this kind of circumstance, translation quality appears of great importance in.

The last few years will see media undertakes criticism to academic interpreter repeatedly, the interpret that a few have serious mistake is made by exposure. Nevertheless, it seems that a lot of publication orgnaizations that are made by the interpret of exposure do not have learning to savour so, earnest learned man can go scarcely adduce the work of these presses. What I care more is the quality problem of a master of company name interpret. This problem important, because the scholar is to the relative superiority or inferiority of the press in the heart,be have music, wait to upright with interpret like translation of business affairs, Shanghai the publication orgnaization of be good at of abroad learning master, what can obtain the academia more is trustful. Once be put in such and such quality problem,the interpret of these presses is made, its are negative the influence should be gotten greatly much. The author is doing Adam recently. Ethical thought of Si Mi studies, to him " moral sentiment is talked " have more attention, this attention the more thorough, whether does the object to the interpreter have the person that the key of the quality problem of the interpret in feeling Western learning more depends on interpret research.

Deepen ceaselessly as what economy of our country market reforms, also begin to become heat about the research of the problem concerning between market economy and moral feeling. Serve as the Adam of the father of latter-day economics. Of Si Mi become famous, in order to discuss what mechanism of affection of citizen society morality gives priority to a problem " moral sentiment is talked " one book also is published in origianl work first edition two centuries after 38 years there was it 1997 the first therein translation. This is a worth while and happy learning event, recently a certain number of year since, domestic academia has publishing house of not referenced business affairs rarely to the research of economic ethnics this therein of translation. And, once this process is started, present the trend that gave acceleration it seems that, be less than 6 years, press of Chinese society science published the translation of the 2nd Chinese of this book again, serve as its brought into " clump of interpret of foreign ethnics famous book " . Come so, chinese reader had the freedom of the translation in the choice. To investigator, can have cross reference of two kinds of translation, conduce to more good land holding Si Mi's mind. The author is caring ethnics thought of Si Mi all the time in 10 the closest years, though English level may not is comparable two therein the translator of translation, nevertheless, think to have to Si Mi's thought oneself relatively thorough make an on-the-spot investigation. The Japanese that place of together with author masters, of the Japanese learned man that can get when this age bound Si Mi studies integral level is top consult, because of origianl work of this pair of Si Mi hold a respect, consider as those who have a few results oneself.
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