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The law below Chinese culture setting is translated
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Although I am division gives punishment law, nevertheless now is the adviser of the code of civil law however. The adviser that becomes an undergraduate students is long, become the Master's unripe adviser, just still begin. But conscience place, dare not have laches a bit. A few days ago check and approve paper of a master's degree, among them few points cites article of some countryman code, take original " small 6 laws " will check, the result discovers place interpret all has a mistake, or confuse one thing with another, or forgetful, and the meaning that its regard law as article, be widely divergent of course. Paper author does not learn this kind of language, also check without the opportunity textual, cite however the positive result that someone else interpreter publishs. Achievement is achievement, but also no more than is by accident the achievement of person children. If not have,not have, flat everybody won't produce misunderstanding to the law of these developed countries. Had now, give goodness instead and innocent person, lazy perhaps and the person of the joker that cast evil stayed to be become for nothing.

Translate the attempt of law composing, drew the attention of a lot of China scholars, everybody is contended for the interpreter one, two composing or a certain number of piece the start that the paper regards him as learning, and of the interpreter is heat more, of fundamental sex still is less. More than 10 years ago, when I read a Master, regard teaching material as introduction of law of some Guo Mou, for the sake of there just is the Chinese of this book at that time translation can consult. Reference is referenced, after learning a few paragraphs, also be to discover that translation not know what is said, have inaccessibly than textual can clearer statement.

From this nurturance Feng Yiwen is necessary check textual habit, thereby flat abandon translation, go grinding read textual. Kongfu is much more beautiful, even is a kind of waste and conceit, but the sureness in the heart. If law teacher, student does not have such habit, that is the biggest mistake. Somebody starts to talk Plato, shut a Dewojin, I think to also was to read aloud a few translation like they and me, and it is Chinese of course this. When be being translated as to translator, was being read is to understand, unknown. Learning of a few wests is classical, into 100, into chiliad ground by scholars place ponder, translation is OK of be convinced, can read.

The problem depends on those belonging to vogue, popular, the composing of popular western pundit, can have sat without a lot of people careful deliberate, believe with “ , amount to, the level that the weight used on a balance of elegant ” goes to measuring translation. Interpret has well, I cannot entirely is negative. Of defective goods be in the majority, specious, have only vague idea: Do not calculate an interpreter, it is diamonds Chinese character really; Be an interpreter, wording and phrasing, syntactic, logistic, rhetorical complacently is poor, need not say the mental ” of “ law more.
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