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The blame logic that talks an interpreter is idiosyncratic
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One. Introductive

Now, somebody of very few meeting admits. Oneself speech does not say logic. Actually. The person's thought has been pulled for logical place arrest greatly. No matter be what person, the metropolis is awe-stricken to what logic keeps special, for fear that its thought or utterance are illogical, turn over logic or be not logic. Come so, if everything already was changed by logic, human society won't have new idea innovation possibly again on ultimate sense. Because, logistic set beforehand can stipulate the person wants beforehand and also must be in its undertake reflection in limits administer, character says, write, activity. Accordingly. If everything is formed,be with logic fiducial, logic can ponder over a person, limit a person. Had logic. The person also thinks with respect to not need, going up at all even need drives out thought.

But, this kind of logistic catholicity that already became vicious circle. It is to come from the characteristic at some district merely essentially. Change character, logistic catholicity is forever a kind do not the catholicity that the characteristic fiction of dictum germ gives. Its are cheated is the code that deceive oneself as well as others all the time since the regularity of gender and nominal is long-term. Logistic, traceable Gu Xila. Had logic. Also had metaphysics. Namely western philosophy. Those who change character, western configuration of philosophy is logical pattern originally, adapt regional excel later all configuration. And no matter this one configuration is in on adaptability how corresponding the native land characteristic at it, its suiting in the whole world ability or living force are learning is extremely finite on manage or be to need to try to restrict at least. Otherwise. Whether should we admit, does logic have god really in that way force? Or admits, logic is " • of Bible • the New Testament makes an appointment with writing good news " in the ” of that “ path that tell: Have at the beginning of peaceful, path and god are in together, is sacred ” ? Change character, whether should we recognize an universally applicable truth, although had by some culture is other people or all culture on the world designed it? And, its purpose wants whole world namely according to same kind of mode, same kind of speech, same a dialect, same the style undertakes reflection, think with what change him mind far from?

If be really such, translate the ” of “ general regularity that is destined to want to break this kind of logic, and culture and culture ask and the difference between language and language writes all sorts of languages in. Among the thought of character compose a quarrel of the people that keep a person. What the person searchs in the interpreter is. Different ” , is not “ is the same as ” ; Be cannot the characteristic of classify, is not early over, the catholicity ” that accords with logic. It is fated the dissident that should show oneself is dynamic, is not absorb all dummy unifinication.
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