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From the interpreter angle talks to report medium a few problems external
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Of the bureau of Chinese foreign language that is in in the author in reporting data external, divide a few it is direct outside using foreign language compose, it is Chinese final version partly greatly very. A little invite author writes these Chinese master copy to report external only, was domestic reader compose namely some before. Regard the interpreter that reports external as work, no matter former latter still, need to pass the editor treatment of different level before the interpreter becomes foreign language. Because,this is, the target that reports external is a foreigner, habit of characteristic of their degree, located to Chinese understanding politics environment, nation, lifestyle, custom differ with domestic reader. Alleged editor is machined, be opposite according to these different characteristics namely the content of the manuscript undertakes proper processing, lesser if add,add crosshead, bigger if provide backdrop material, additions and deletions or alter, etc. From go up at all tell, these jobs are the responsibility of book draft author above all, just be editorial responsibility next, interpreter personnel needs only a few small technical processing. But, one break up well lustre (the interpreter that is engaged in reporting external all points to in the article) in this respect also be to be well worth doing, can exhibit talent. Because carry out a proof, author and editor are very difficult square field surface is taken care of, have some of problem in fact the ability in often translating a process can be discovered. A good translation should have stronger report consciousness external, what say normally namely publicize an idea external.
Our reporting external is to pass the form of foreign language to come true, the stand or fall of translation affects us directly report the result external, so interpreter job has quite important place in reporting external. The interpreter's task is: According to Chinese manuscript, combine the characteristic of uses language, reflect the intent of author or complier correctly, exact ground, sufficient ground, convey the content of Chinese manuscript faultlessly with foreign language as far as possible come out. That is to say, his translation must faithful at textual meaning and spirit, must be fluent foreign language, still must what resembles interpret what (namely so-called letter, amount to, elegant criterion) . This shows, the interpreter is not pure it is literal technology work, however an art, it is a kind of job that creates again.
Below, a few problems that oneself talk about us to be encountered in the place in reporting external from the interpreter's angle, having some of problem among them is each other contact.

Little hair is eristic, invite factual conversation
We often say, “ fact excels Demosthenic ” , there is Facts Speak Louder Than Words in English the clever view that this has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with Chinese, although have a lot of differring,show different people, but also have many collective places. For example: Historical book perhaps tells historical article to should talk about a historical fact more, say empty talk less, little hair is eristic, ability attracts a reader. But some closer draft of year of a few books that him deal with passes and article, to this not great however attention. Among them, have an implied meaning, in listed period of War of Resistance Against Japan, after a large number of facts of city of massacre of the Japanese army after Nanjing fall, the author also does not forget send a few comment, such as: “ this is one of extremely ferocious brutal act that China and foreign countries astonishs in the Second World War, it is Japanese imperialism what commit to Chinese people is monstrous great pain ……” this article is this introductory Nanjing city, the key is not its history, it is a paragraph of past that brushstroke has taken period of War of Resistance Against Japan only, accordingly, this paragraph of comment is redundant really.
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