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Interpreter English value brief theory
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Discussion interpreter, cannot the “ of ” of He Wei of evasive “ interpret and interpret uses ” these two problems, and should answer these two questions, certainly will involves such as to translate purpose, method, method and result again a series of elements. People can is opposite according to oneself the interpreter's understanding and understanding, the action that is an interpreter and function have good fixed position, OK also the analysis that the basis translates incident of phenomenon, interpreter to some, the practical effect that is an interpreter has fixed position, also but the analysis according to particular to some text version, undertake evaluating to the value of text and effect. Here, action, function, influence, value waits a term a moment, although the meaning is distinguished somewhat, but with respect to essence character, those who point to is the effect that interpreter activity should rise or has. We think, the “ that think or discusses an interpreter uses ” , the factor that has 3 sides at least needs to try to emphasize a consideration. Above all, the interpreter's “ uses ” discuss the establishment that needs to be watched in order to translate to be premise. The interpreter view of a person is different, the understanding to the interpreter discrepant, the fixed position that the “ to the interpreter uses ” different. Next, the interpreter's “ uses ” discuss need to be a basis with historical fact. When us the interpreter incident to certain history period or interpreter phenomenon undertake reflection when, want to be guidance with proper interpreter view already, the scientific analysis that should translate a fact in order to be opposite again is a basis, rational assurance and scientific analytic photograph are united in wedlock, the “ that can describe an interpreter correctly for us offers some kind to assure objectively with ” . Again, the “ to the interpreter uses ” discuss cannot bureau be confined to temporarily be related, should have the eye of development and adj point of view. The article plans to combine the element of this tripartite face, mix to the interpreter's understanding with us understanding, namely our interpreter view is jumping-off place, make to good function of the interpreter and practical effect relatively of the system discuss, in order to establish our interpreter viewpoint of value. We think, establish interpreter viewpoint of value, the theory with ” discusses the “ that should translate in order to be opposite on one hand to think with the history for the foundation, on the other hand the objective description that otherwise confine uses ” at the “ to the interpreter, contrary, should surmount the actual use description to the interpreter and analysis, the “ to the interpreter has the dispute judge of value with ” . On this meaning, recognize the interpreter's value correctly, establish the interpreter's viewpoint of value, can undertake for us evaluation and criticism provide academic basis translating.
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