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The bag outside the interpreter, we need what to notice
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A lot of people can feel to pick a good interpreter company is a troublesome issue. Solve this problem to help you, our basis is old from already check, summed up 12 notes, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to you

1.Do you affirm need is translated?
Begin to plan when you when a certain project, via regular meeting discovery has many file to need an interpreter. But the consideration with careful course, you can discover, need an interpreter actually, it is among them one part only. Choose the document that needs an interpreter seriously, can help you spare time, control cost. After understanding real demand situation adequately, when with the interpreter the company exchanges views, but have a definite object in view, determine quality level quickly, program arrangement, the problem that your place such as quote cares.

2.The picture is more convincing than the language.
Below a lot of circumstances, use picture, the means such as chart, but the language with many dispense with.

3.Be about to have the idea of “ internationalization ” at the beginning.
When preparing original document, avoid to have grumous local distinguishing feature as far as possible, or have many this locality slang, because translate such document, often need to add the language of sex of a lot of explanations, very inaccessible former some conveys the effect. So, undertake good communication with the group of responsible international general affairs please, control the local colour of original document appropriately.

4.Is what you need firm of a translation or free translator?
Translation firm and free translator have an advantage each. Of the company collect fees general taller, serve because of what offer more comprehensive, can handle the large project that free translator cannot handle more. Translation firm can offer perfect quality to control standard and quality control flow commonly (regular corporation just can have) , corresponding also meet the expense that collection group serves. The price that translates a company on one hand instead nevertheless also is fixedder, the client does not have initiative. The choice that still one is plant goes namely website of business affairs of electron of a few interpreters releases a project, website of the bag outside these interpreters often collected the each language translation with numerous amount, and the price is relatively cheap. Recommend you to release interpreter task to Http://www.weeyee.com, let free company translator or translate a company to come contest mark, competition just has low, have just have quality quite.

5.The interpret draft of what level is what you need?
Generally speaking, the interpret sketch that free translator offers still needs to proofread, embellish, often say for “ interpret of referenced class ” stalks of grain. Such interpret draft quality publishs draft of class ” interpret under “ , but uses time is shorter, and the value is relatively inferior also. Very much free translator still has what translation firm of the part offers commonly is “ interpret of referenced class ” stalks of grain. Arrive to get more the interpret that accords with demand stalks of grain, when with the interpreter the supplier negotiates, explain what you want achieved specific level please.
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