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Interpreter " mythological " abreaction
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In December 2006, " fasten Lin Siji anthology " the 6th is published, the mark is worn monumental work of this emperor emperor eventually merits and virtues is satisfactory. It lies in bookshop corner silently, savour alone span around of home of 3 half many century, interpreters is consecutive labyrinthian. This is finished finally did not cause it seems that how old and resonant, be in especially demit is old those who see the New Year in is blatant in more appear chilly and Gu tall …… in order to fasten, the Russian revolution that car, Du Wei represents democratically the transmission that aesthetic is in China, accept, its encounter it may be said big cases fall greatly. The form that fastens Linsiji today may have gone gradually gradually far, but the advocacy of reality of straight to literature face already in the culture construction that dribs and drabs blends in our oneself, wrap hold something under the arm then especially the move is endowment, bold and generous with courage and uprightness, the style of style or manner of writing that flushs like magma, it is to let popular feeling more gallop be charmed. But the backside in all these, pour into, agglomeration wears 3 to translate domestic energy, even life.

" fasten Lin Siji anthology " original by its Man Tao of the first translator passes Shanghai age press to rolled out two 1952, end activity is adjusted because of the orgnaization after, the plan publishs 6, absorb by people literature press, published hank. 1961 via negotiating Shanghai of put under of this one selection of subject, before was being rolled out 1963 two. When proper preparation publishs the 3rd, ” of “ Culture Revolution erupts, bielinsiji the row call-overs critically “ 3 this base first of ” , the plan is published to be interrupted of course in a depression. Smash after 4 people of “ help ” , shanghai translation press holds water, begin to arrange the 3rd publication job, regrettablly day truly person, because Mr Man Tao breaks out cerebral haemorrhage, even the 3rd " solution to a problem " do not write die of at somebody's convenience. Man Tao was decided to be ” of common member of group of “ Hu Feng by involve others in a criminal 1955, 4 people of “ helped ” downfall eve 1976, team of announce of industry of its place unit is abrupt avowed he is ” of member of group of counter-revolutionary of “ Hu Feng, execute dictatorship to him. Man Tao old age translates fruit dagger manage, Bielinsiji in such hell namely. Wang Yuan changes a gentleman finding a place for satisfactory billows after remains, in returning latter home, see the handwriting that putting interpret stalks of grain and trembles is returned on desk, “ is not restrained shed tear. The destiny is too inequitable! If he lives 5 years again " market of fruit dagger grain " mix 5 rolls " fasten Lin Siji anthology " 6 interpret complete, his lifetime also calculates had explain. ”(joins Wang Yuan to change send Chen Bing exterminate to believe) forerunner Ji annals and die, successor dying recieves orders. Try hard via Mr Xin Weiai, the 3rd, 4 are published one by one, xin Weiai was retreated from post of editor in chief of Shanghai translation press 1989, year close seventy years of age still undertakes an interpreter with time of about 10 hours everyday, in December 2002, he also dies because of cerebral haemorrhage, besides the 4th, already finished the 5th, the first draft of 6 million words. This not Xin Weiai of unexpectedly comply with of course of study before one's death entrust, mr You Fengchun is taken over, begin recension to make good omissions from 2003, cure is admitted to hospital due to illness for two times during. 2006 year end, 6 " fasten Lin Siji anthology " eventually last a period of time half many centuries and success.
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