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How to establish connection with translation firm
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The novice is entered have a little problem all right, language basic skill is OK, but interpreter experience is scant, accordingly, cannot reach for what is beyond his grasp at that time, cannot count on earn dollar, euro directly, best from the person (civilian money) yuan begin. From where to begin? Begin beside.
The city that you are in can have interpreter company commonly, if do not have, or your body is in devious village, begin from recent central city, the end that such doing is to strive for the ground reason with be built stated with translation firm close feeling. I am northeast person, accordingly, relative to the friend that comes at a northwest, I am close to the friend that northeast comes to more easily. The person that believes to translate a company also is met such. Having again is business arrangement those who go up is convenient. When the sort of portfolio must need to look for an interpreter additionally greatly, material often is to print come out, have on hundreds of pages 1000 pages, this moment, nonlocal interpreter is very troublesome, need to mail, but this locality interpreter is riding a bicycle to be able to be solved, this is the place that this locality interpreter has an advantage than nonlocal interpreter, especially to the novice. Translation firm can search from the help wanted of local newspaper, also can search the translation firm beside from the network. Can come apply for, phone connection, also can send mail. If send,live postal matter, still also want to make a telephone call, because of mail may keep long in stock, missing, by accident your thing. Translation firm often can enrol a person commonly, you go looking for them to often adding up to their appetite. They can let you try interpret draft, had tried you to waiting in the home.
A moment ago said, the novice may is deficient in somewhat on interpreter level, accordingly, although you were passed,try interpret, also do not want a hope to be able to immediately business is done. The truth is very simple, translation firm often can regard you as only reserve, when only work must be not done more, ability can think of you. And once they thought of you, it is the chance that you show yourself. Show some a what? Translate idea of the level, spirit that respect property, time, humanness to play, still have your physical power, the interpreter is individual strength work really. Pass try out a few times only (translating a company of course is to want those who pay fee) , and the young ladies that translate a company discover your this individual is pretty good, the level still also goes, special go up in time very let them be at ease, next time they also more put a person's mind to give you work, slowly you also from do a cold reception to turn hot star into team member.
With the interpreter the company talks about business, very serious content is the price, each district difference won't be too big, becoming a hand is Ying Yizhong 70-80 commonly yuan RMB / 1000 Chinese word, interpret flower is 80-100 in yuan / 1000 words, the novice is not taken commonly, of course, also some translation firm treat equally without discrimination, take uniform price, but more translation firms can give you a value of “ trainee ” only, it is 30-40 and 40-50 about, do not disrelish little, in start level, had better be the professional skill that puts attention in oneself go up, everything is a center with raising interpreter level, it is good to wait for your level, price nature is not a problem, but the price that also does not count on translation firm to be able to give you 100 yuan of above, if have this price, also won't have what portfolio but character, do not rise him condole, cause valence does not have city. Of course, how your level is high, think the interpreter that earns tall a bit is expended, OK and direct from work is received over there the client, the price can rise 150-180, but want to know, receive work to be able to compare a trouble from client place directly, although the price became tall, but compare lose time, and can have future trouble, the little thing client of a wee bit also can call look for you, even if you are bathing, sleep, and return those who have an interpreter cost to pay an issue. Client repudiate a debt will be very troubled. What does need do to prepare into this group? You should have time, physical power, have a pretty good mobile phone even, pretty good computer, collect fees well mailbox, application software is all ready (also need not too complete, the software that has the OFFICE, PowerWord, file that can open special format went) , can get online send and receive mail and use GOOGLE, know where to be bought even get professional dictionary (do not need to be bought immediately neat, but must know where to can be found, buy instantly when necessary with) . What to prepare even? Prepare enough patience even. The novice is entered row, what need the left and right sides 1 year about is silent await, can continue to seek interpreter company during this, OK also acrobatics of with great concentration, hope one day ablaze come on stage.
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